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There are two kinds of ATC CNC Router Machines: carousel tool change type and linear tool change type. Atc machine is designed for efficiency and heavy duty working, it changes tools/bits automatically, saving time and manpower.

If there are only about 3-4 pieces of tools/bits needed in the whole process, we also recommend a Multi-spindle cnc router machine, our sales manager will give you a pro suggestion.

  • caousel tool box
    Caousel Tool Magazine
    Caousel tool changer magazine with 12 tools.
  • atc tool changer magazine of 1530 4 axis linear auto tool changer woodworking machine
    Automatic Tool Changer Magazine
    Automatic tool changer magazine with 8 position.
  • italy hsd air cooling spindle
    Italy HSD Air Cooling Spindle
    HSD Air Cooling Spindle is Top brand in cnc router machine industry.

ATC CNC Router Machine List