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Project Description


  • The working size is 1300mm*2500mm*200mm,for the Z axis can be increased.
  • 9kw Italy HSD ATC spindle with 11kw Taiwan DELTA inverter(top brand in the world,global warranty service).
  • Germany SIEMENS servo system (famous brand in the servo system).
  • Germany SIEMENS control system (famous brand ,mulifunctional ,and longer life time).
  • With linear tool changer, constructed with world-class components, consistent high performance.
  • Featuring Italian high frequency air-cooling electronic spindle and world-class servo motor and driving system.
  • Rigid vacuum table with grids and T-slots maximizes the vacuum hold-down power and also enables you to clamp the workpiece in place.
  • Taiwan Original TBI ball screw for Z travel.
  • Taiwan HIWIN Linear guide.
  • The Linear tool storage with 8 pieces.
  • 9kw Italy HSD ATC spindle ————————— 1 piece
  • 11kw Taiwan DELTA inverter ———————— 1 piece
  • Japan YASKAWA servo motor ———————— 4 pieces
  • Japan YASKAWA servo driver ———————— 4 pieces
  • Germany SIEMENS control system ——————- 1 set

Tool Box Parts:

  • Tool box ——————————- 1 piece
  • Adjusting screw ———————— 4 pieces
  • Clamp ———————————- 8 pieces
  • Collets (ISO30) ———————- 2 pieces
  • Tool, bit, cutter, mill —————- 21 pieces
  • Spanner ——————————– 4 pieces
  • Software CD —————————- 1 piece
  • Fuse core (20A) ———————— 2 pieces
  • Tool holder —————————- 4 pieces
  • Fork wrench (ER32) ——————— 1 piece
  • Open spanner (41-46) ——————- 1 piece
  • Box key ——————————– 1 piece
  • Instructions ————————— 1 piece


1. Advertisement: engraving and cutting of various labels and number plate, marble, etc for artistic effects on materials. Including marble, brass, steel, and other metallic material.

2. Crafts: engraving characters of any language and patterns on gifts and souvenirs, primitive processing and shaping of artistic crafts, and stiletto.

3. Moulding: engraving delicate letter and flower pattern, primitive and fine processing of the small mould.

4. Architectural models: engraving fine window, fencing and wall patterns, etc.

5. Seal: engraving seals and medal on materials such as buffalo horn, wood etc.

6. Label: engraving character, number, and other pattern on label for products and on product directly.

7. Wood processing: processing density board, stiletto for surfing board, processing of marbles, cabinet and furniture.