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Project Description


  • 3 axis with dust proof.
  • with wheels in front for easy put on material.
  • #25 HIWIN Linear guidepan.
  • SS water tank with mist cooling sprayer.


  • Working area(mm):  1300*2500*200mm
  • Table Structure1.5 mm stainless steel T-slot table
  • Transmission system:  X,Y axis Gear Rack from Taiwan, z axis Ballscrew from Taiwan but with German technology
  • Lead rail system:  Linear round guide rail
  • Spindle power:  3 kw Water-cooling ,3.175/4/6/12.7mm
  • spindle speed:  0-24000 rpm
  • Motor:  stepper(Panasonic/Yaskawa optional)
  • Drive:  YAKO 2811
  • Dust collector system:  For your option
  • Tool sensor:  Option
  • Software environmant:  Windows 98/2000/XP
  • Control System:  Ncstudio control system [DSP is optional]
  • Compatible file formats:  G code ; *.u00 ; *.mmg ; *.plt .
  • Compatible Softwares:  Ucancam V8 / Artcam
  • Working Voltage:  AC380V,3ph, 50Hz
  • Precision:  0.005mm
  • Max speed:  26.0m/min
  • Max engraving speed:  18.0m/min
  • Max feeding height:  200mm
  • Work-holding devices:  by fixture
  • Interface type:  USB
  • Warranty guarantee:  One-year after-sale services
  • 3kw water cooling spindle
    3kw Water Cooling Spindle
    Water cooled spindle speed: 24000RPM, with low noise.
    The grinding process can improve the concentricity of the motor and prolong the service life.
  • towline of stone cnc router
    Regular lines, protection of wires.
  • Taiwan-hiwin-rail
    Taiwan HINWIN Linear Rail
    HG series linear guideway can achieve a long life with high speed, highly accurate and smooth linear motion.
  • rack
    Gear and Rack
    High precision Helical gear and rack , Left helical and right helical gear rack, gear and rack length 1400mm/pc
  • yako 2811 big driver
    Yako 2811 Big Driver
    Owe to bipolar constant current chopper control of the driver circuit, the motor can run smoothly and hardly has any noise.Rising the voltage can greatly improve high speed performance and output torque of the motor.
  • DSP-A11main
    A11 Control System
    DSP controller for cnc router,USB connect,can be use without computer.
    Suitable for 3 axis.
  • Dust proof ————————————– 1 piece
  • 3 kw Water-cooling spindle ——————— 1 piece
  • stepper motor ———————————- 4 pieces
  • YAKO 2811 driver —————————— 4 pieces
  • Ncstudio control system ———————— 1 set

Tool Box Parts:

  • Tool box ——————————- 1 piece
  • Adjusting screw ———————— 4 pieces
  • Clamp ———————————- 8 pieces
  • Collets ——————————– 4 pieces
  • Tool, bit, cutter, mill —————- 21 pieces
  • Spanner ——————————– 4 pieces
  • Software CD —————————- 1 piece
  • Fuse core —————————— 2 pieces


Marble,granite,standstone,glass,artificialstone,headstone,tablet,such as ceramic engraving and cutting materical.

stone samples