After-Sale Service for 1325-3S 4 Axis Pneumatic System 3 Spindles CNC Machine in Albania

1325-3S 4 Axis Pneumatic System 3 Spindles CNC Machine is calling for us. so this time, Gary started his after-sale service trip again, and the destination is Albania.

Now, let us enjoy a short video.


After-Sale Service in Albania (2)

Only through some picture, we can still enjoy the beautiful scene of Albania . Once Gary goes to one place, he would share lots of beautiful and fantastic pictures with us. And this would be a gift for us.

After-Sale Service in Albania (5)

Now, let us make a brief introduction of this customer.

  • He was looking for a set of CNC Machine to improve the efficiency of processing.
  • After we knew his requirements and some other conditions, we provided several optional for him to choose and consider. In the end, he decided to purchase a set of 1325-3S 4 Axis Pneumatic System 3 Spindles CNC Machine with Rotary Device.
  • When he got his customized machine, he couldn’t help sharing with us.

After-Sale Service in Albania (4)

Gary has been introduced for many times.

  • You may not remember all the details of him. Only one thing you should know that he is an after-sale engineer who is filled with experiences.
  • Besides, he has been invited for many different counties to help our customers out of troubles. All the customers are satisfied with him and his services. Of course, they all give us with  high evaluation.
  • We believe that there will be the driving force for the development of our company.

after sale service (2)

Gary knows every piece of CNC Machine.

On that day, he taught the customer for installing his customized machine.

Besides, he showed the customer how to operate the machine. In that case, the raw material was processed into shapes that our customer wants to pursue.

Now, please take some times to enjoy the following images.

After-Sale Service in Albania (7)

And these samples were processed by customer’s machine. Maybe we can find the similar thing around us. To be honest, most of the things during our daily life were processed by CNC Machines.

after sale service (1)

Besides, the raw material can be processed into various shapes that you want or you like. One little machine can help us to realize multi-funtions.

After-Sale Service in Albania (9)

Of course, under the guidance of Gary, customer’s problems and doubts have been dealt with great satisfied.

After-Sale Service in Albania (6)

All of our engineers can do you a favour like Gary, and they are always on the way to provide services for you!

After-Sale Service in Albania (1)

If you have some problems of CNC Router, we are willing to provide help for you!