After-Sale Service in Cyprus, for 2060 3D Carousel ATC CNC Router

Let us firstly enjoy a short video before starting our today’s topic.

Recently, one of our engineers was invited to Cyprus to provide after-sales services. The following picture was shared by him. We have to admit that the scene of Cyprus is so beautiful.

After-Sale Service in Cyprus 10

Now, let us make a brief introduction of this customer.

  • He lives in Cyprus and he has owned his own factory for many years. He is looking for a suitable CNC Router Machine to improve the working efficiency. With this main reason, he chose to make contact with us. After knowing his requirements, we prepared several configurations for him to consider and choose.

After-Sale Service in Cyprus

  • In the end, he was particularly interested in our ATC Machines and decided to introduce a set of 2060 ATC CNC Router from our company. He is not familiar with machine’ installation, operation and some other items.
  • Therefore, we promised that we are willing to provide technical service after he received his customized machine.

After-Sale Service in Cyprus 09

After receiving machine, he can’t wait to calling and sending the invitation to us. So we booked the earliest flight to Cyprus and arranged Gary to there.

Now, it’s turn to make a short introduction of Gary.

  • He is one of our engineers who responsible for providing after-sale service. We arranged him for flight to Cyprus on receiving the invitation of our customers.

After-Sale Service in Cyprus 04

  • On the one hand, all of our engineers can speak English very well. We can ensure that there is no communication barrier between our customers and our engineers. Of course, Gary ‘s English is very well.
  • In that circumstance, the customer asked lots of questions, and he explained and answered one by one.

After-Sale Service in Cyprus 01

  • Gary knows every piece of machine and software. Honestly speaking, each engineer can do that like Gary. The reason is that we ask our engineers to join training and learning continually. Only in that way, can they have the ability to provide services as much as possible.

After-Sale Service in Cyprus 03

On receiving his customized machine, the customer couldn’t wait to processing the materials.  

  • And the following picture is the natural material that our customer wants to process.
  • The material was put on the working table. Gary showed the customer how the machine working and processing, and he taught the customer how to operate and control the machine step by step.

After-Sale Service in Cyprus 12

Now, let us enjoy the following beautiful samples

After-Sale Service in Cyprus 15

The samples were processed by our ATC CNC Router Machine. The customer said that the machine helped them to make what they have imagined into practice. There is no doubt that our customers were very satisfied with this machine.

After-Sale Service in Cyprus 13

  • It is clear that the natural material can be processed into all kinds of shapes and size. And that’s totally depend on what you want to process.
  • In the same time, the working efficiency can be improved by this machine. While, it means the machine can help our customers for saving labor costs.
  • Together with our customers, we are also waiting for more changes can be brought for their factory after adopting ATC CNC Router machine.


Gary said that he was proud of providing services for customers.

  • He feels very happy that he can help different customers out of trouble.
  • He said that those experiences would be a great fortune in his life.
  • All of our staff are willing to learn continually to provide better services for you and me!

After-Sale Service in Cyprus 02

If you have some problems for using CNC Router machine, you can choose to contact us!