• 1.Integrity and fairness:

    we would treat all the customers with integrity and fairness. Whatever you are our old customers or our new friends; No matter of you coming from the foreign countries or not; Or the amount of contact between us.

  • 2.Providing accessories service:

    we have specialized spare parts service center, which stores all kinds of spare parts and consumables. In that circumstance, we can make sure that the part of different machines can be changed, repaired or maintained timely. In the same time, we are constantly replenishing more advanced, high quality soft and hard parts to minimize the time cost due to shortage of spare parts.

  • 3.Quality guaranteed:

    we can provide professional technical staff who has plenty of experiences, so as to provide you with various of configuration options. We would check and test the machines repeatedly before sent the high-quality CNC router machine to your hands.

After-Sales Service in Ukraine, 48 ft ATC CNC Machine (5)
Technical Supports in Korea! 1325 CNC Wood carving Machine and Laser CNC Machinery (2)
  • 1.Providing professional training;

  • 2.The whole machine is guaranteed for 1 year (except for vulnerable parts) and providing maintenance all the time;

  • 3.Offering 24 hours consulting supports with high quality and efficiency;

  • 4.Man-made damage, natural disasters, force majeure factors, private changes are not covered by warranty. All the machines are strict compliance with product standards and multi-quality inspection.

  • 5.Providing internet remote services and online telephone services.

  • 6.We are equipped with professional engineers who have experienced plenty of technical training to provide face-to-face technical support to you.

  • 7.Providing full set of service systems; Providing a guarantee for continuous processing of users.; Providing guidelines for installing, maintaining, unloading or training and some others.