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The secrets about the choice of motor power of CNC Router

Author: Jack; Last Modify: May 20, 2020

“The higher the power of the spindle motor, the better the processing effect and the higher the production efficiency." Have you heard of this word before you purchase a CNC Router? 

Blue Elephant wants to tell everyone, don't be deceived by this unreal rumor, the selection criterion of spindle motor power is to meet your own processing needs. Depending on the processing material, too higher power can not achieve better processing results. On the contrary, it will increase the cost of purchasing the enterprise. Follow Blue Elephant to learn how to choose the power of spindle motor.

For the advertising engraving machine, since the processing materials are mostly soft materials, such as PVC, acrylic, MDF, etc., in order to achieve the double purpose of engraving effect and cost saving, the spindle power is most suitable from 1.5kw to 3.0kw.

For woodworking CNC router, the choice of power can be chosen according to the hardness of the wood being processed. For ordinary wood processing, the power is generally around 2.2kw-4.5kw. For some plate furniture, the spindle power requirement will be larger, and it can reach about 9KW.

For stone engraving machines, the requirements of the spindle power is relatively higher. Generally, it is about 4.5kw-7.5kw. Because the processed material is hard and difficult to process, the most commonly used is 5.5kw water-cooled spindle motor.

For the tombstone engraving machine, the spindle power should also be selected according to the hardness of the processed stone. The general power can meet the processing requirements from 3.0kw to 4.5kw, and the high quality products can be processed.

For jade carving machine, it generally require a smaller spindle motor. The power of the motor is generally 2.2kw-3.0kw. Because the processing table and material is small, it is not necessary to choose a higher power.

From the above we can see that the engraving machine spindle is not the bigger the spindle motor power, the better of the processing effect. As long as it can meet our processing needs, the higher the cost performance, the more beneficial to us. As a professional engraving machine manufacturer, Blue Elephant recommends that when selecting the spindle power of the engraving machine, it should be selected according to the hardness of the processing material, the processing method and the size of the processing table. What we do can avoid excessive waste due to excessive power selection, and the power is too small to meet the processing requirements.

If you still have questions about the choice of spindle power, please contact us, we have professional engineers to give you the most comprehensive and professional, the most cost-effective solution.