Blue Elephant provides technical support for global users-in Netherlands

After ending the technical support for French users, the Blue Elephant went to the Netherlands in the second stop.

We all know that the Netherlands is famous for its seawalls, windmills and tulips, especially the windmills. It is known as the country of windmills in the Netherlands, and it is a good place for domestic and foreign tourists to travel and sightseeing.

Under the leadership of our customers, our engineers came directly to the customer’s factory. After a detailed understanding of the customer’s needs and questions about the wooden engraving machine, our engineers patiently answered each question and demonstrated some operations on site.

Blue Elephant in Netherlands2

What we have done is not only to open up more international markets, but we are more willing to make friends with like-minded friends who grow together and progress together. From the face of the customer’s full smile, it can be seen that the relationship between Blue Elephant and the customer is not only the relationship between the buyer and the seller, but also the friendship between friends.

Blue Elephant in Netherlands

Since its establishment, Blue Elephant CNC router has been selling well in various countries in Europe and America with its excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service system. And every year there are special engineers to go to the customer to provide some technical support. We just need to be professional enough and perfect enough to eliminate the worries of customers about the machine, truly think for the customer and help the customer to maximize the benefits.