Blue Elephant provides technical support for global users-in France

Blue Elephant has always maintained close contact with all customers. Whether it is from the perspective of a perfect after-sales service team or professional technical support,we can provide you with a full range of online and offline services to solve all your questions about the CNC router. This time, our engineers personally visited the customers in various countries with full sincerity, provided technical support and answered questions for customers on the spot.

Our first stop came to France. As a long-established country, there are countless cultural heritages and places of interest. On the way to our customers, our Blue Elephant engineers also enjoyed the beautiful scenery along the way.

Blue Elephant in France5


Blue Elephant in France8

Under the enthusiasm of the customer, we came to the customer’s production workshop. After knowing some specific customer requirements, our engineer demonstrated some of the machine’s operating skills, precautions, and how to maintain it later.



What we have done in the blue elephant is not only to open up more international markets, but we are more willing to make friends who grow together and progress together.

Blue Elephant provides technical support to Blue Elephant users around the world. Our second stop will be in the beautiful Netherlands, please continue to follow us. If you have a need for our engineers, please let us know.