Blue elephant ushered in a large-scale upgrade of CNC routers

Recently, Blue Elephant announced the latest product appearance, and completely upgrade the appearance of its main products, including woodworking engraving machine, CNC routers, panel furniture production line, etc.. This appearance upgrade is designed to provide customers with a better service experience from product performance to appearance, from detail to overall innovation.

Unique design inspiration to highlight the beauty of industry

After the upgrade of the Blue Elephant CNC routers, the whole machine adopts an ice-gray shell. The simple body is dotted with smooth water blue curve, which reflects the latest design style and characteristics of the blue elephant CNC routers. Besides that the use of fine sand spray process makes the overall body more technical.

The most prominent design is the front side of the engraving machine in this appearance upgrade, whose design concept perfectly matched with the “Blue Elephant” brand. According to the Blue Elephant CNC designer, the front side design of this engraving machine adopts the evolution of the elephant head features, thus forming the design inspiration of the main elements of the front side of the engraving machine.


In this appearance upgrade, the water blue curve design on the machine body is inspired by the PI features extended by the elephant element, which perfectly fits the engraving machine body structure on the basis of the outline image. Adding the agility and femininity of the water to the calm ice-gray body makes the machine more vivid.

In addition, the latest product appearance also adds a head cover made of transparent acrylic material, which can effectively prevent processing debris or dust from entering the machine head, greatly extending the service life of the machine.

Enhance brand recognition with a new look

Blue elephant designer said that the new appearance of the equipment is designed around the core of the Blue Elephant VI system. It is hoped that with this appearance upgrade, the brand recognition of Blue Elephant CNC can be further improved in the customer group. While optimizing the product structure and supporting services, we still retain customized services for the individual needs of our customers.


Blue Elephant CNC’s appearance upgraded products include ATC CNC router, 4 axis CNC router, panel furniture production line and other main products. It is the largest scale product upgrade of Blue Elephant and new appearance products will be fully launched in the near future. Please pay attention to our product list.