Canadian Customer Shared His Own Purchasing Experience, 1530 CNC Wood Machine

Recently, one of our Canadian customers wrote a long article to describe his own experience of purchasing machine from our factory, and he post it on the cnczone to let more people who has the same interests of cnc machine to see his real experience. And this is the link of his experience, it’s really worth reading and enjoying.

Canadian Customer shared his own purchasing experience, 1530 CNC Wood Machine

Our customer bought a set of 1530 CNC Wood Machine from us. As usual, when we got inquiry from our customer, his or her real needs and requirements of machine were what we should to learn and find. Then, our professional sales recommend a suitable machine for all of you. Did you notice that our customer said he got to pick his own colors. Except for colors, all the specifications of machine are allowed to be customized according to your own needs or likes.

Seeing is believe. Now, enjoy the video of machine’s processing. We have professional sales and technicians, and if you have some problems or questions in the stage of using machine, you can send messages or give us a call directly. We hope our customer’s purchasing experience will do some helps for you.