Do you know how to properly install a CNC router?

Machine installation process:

  • Place the engraving machine on a level surface. And it is recommended to use a level to adjust the table to a level.


  • The suction pipe brackets are respectively fixed to the sides of the Z-axis head and the bed bracket.
  • If a water-cooled spindle is used, water is required to be filled into the tank.
  • A total of four power lines on the rear of the engraving machine are connected to the three-phase power, and the root black line needs to be connected to the zero line. And check if the pump is working properly. Pull out the water outlet to see if there is water flowing out.


  • The brush cover with the brush is inserted from the bottom of the spindle, and the position can be adjusted for it is mainly to achieve a good vacuuming effect.
  • Install a suction pipe. There are three suction pipes, two of which are long and thin, and one section is thick and long. The long one need to be connected to the vacuum cleaner. There are three suction ports of the vacuum cleaner, one of which is equipped with a sealing cover and the other two are the connecting head. If you only need one, you can seal the other one with tape.


Vacuum pump installation

  • Install the vacuum pump on a flat surface and bolt it through the bolt holes.
  • Make a few rounds of sealing joints of the filter with sealing tape to ensure the tightness of the joint between them.
  • Inject water from the inlet until water flows out of the outlet. After a period of use, the amount of water will decrease, and the water temperature will increase. Therefore, the operator needs to pay attention to adding water until the water outlet overflows and the water temperature does not exceed 80 degrees.


Vacuum cleaner installation

  • Firstly, please install according to the illustration outside the box.
  • Connect three-phase power, and ensure that the vacuum bag must be open after startup.
  • Test machine operation:After the devices are ready, take out the suction tube of the engraving machine from the rear of the bracket and insert it into the suction port of the vacuum pump, and tighten it. Then turn on the machine and keep the machine and parts being open state. After the adsorption zone switches on, we should make the work piece on the table surface is firmly adsorbed in the adsorption zone; And after the dust cover is opened, test whether the pipe has suction by our hand; shake the handle to reset the machine and then make the machine move normally. If all of the above tests are normal which proves that the machine is working properly.

The above is the installation notes of the CNC routers. Have you learned it?

If you have the problem after receiving the machine, please feel free to leave a message for us.

Blue Elephant starts from the details to create professional quality

Blue Elephant has always attached great importance to the customer’s experience with the machine. We continue to update and iterate our products with innovative ideas. In particular, the existing technology is continuously improved and upgraded in detail to optimize the performance of the equipment, so as to bring a better user experience.

New Double-layer Vacuum Adsorption Table

For the previous CNC router, the adsorption table is generally provided with a vacuum suction hole on the table, and a vacuum is applied to generate a negative pressure between the work piece and the work surface, thereby ensuring that the work piece can be firmly fixed on the . However, in the actual use process, the work table is unstable due to the difference in the size and shape of the work piece. Therefore, the work piece is liable to sway during the machining process, which directly affects the machining accuracy of the work piece.

In order to solve this problem, Blue Elephant has improved the traditional vacuum adsorption table. According to the customer’s processing requirements, the machine can be equipped with double-layer vacuum adsorption, and added more partition. The improved adsorption surface of the adsorption table is greatly enhanced, especially for shaped work pieces. After the upgrade of the cnc router with the latest double-layer vacuum adsorption table was put on the market, it was well received by customers.
Improved Automatic Feeding System

The automatic loading and unloading system is widely used in the field of CNC machine, especially in the automatic production lines of various industries. In woodworking CNC machine tools, fully automatic panel furniture production lines are the most widely used. However, the traditional automatic loading and unloading system is prone to poor gripping, and the design is unreasonable, resulting in wear of the board or equipment, which greatly reduces the practicability of the automatic feeding system.
The new automatic loading and unloading system modified by Blue Elephant CNC reduces the labor intensity of the operator through the setting of the roller, saves manpower, improves efficiency, prevents table wear and prolongs the service life of the equipment.

In addition, we also upgrades the bed, which Improving the stability of the machine bed and reducing the cost of equipment. Besides that the tool changer has also been upgraded to increase the tool change speed and further improve production efficiency. In a word, a series of upgrades to the equipment from the details make Blue Elephant product quality leading the industry, and widely recognized.

Sample feedback from Peru customers

We are responsible for every machine we sell. Every machine sold by Blue Elephant will have a specialized after-sales staff to track the performance and status of the machine. Everything we do is to ensure that the machine can best meet the needs of our customers.

Below is a sample picture from our Peruvian customer. From the picture we can not only see that the customer can operate the machine completely and skillfully, and can flexibly process various patterns.


These samples are made by our ELECNC-1530 4 Axis 3D Wood Sculpture Machine.


This machine is a typical 4-axis CNC router, and is equipped with a separate rotating device in the center of the machine, so that the machine can process some cylindrical work pieces such as Roman columns, table legs, stair frames and so on. It is worth mentioning that the spindle of the machine itself can be swung 180 degrees left and right, so it is the best choice for you to handle some complex work pieces such as 3D or 4D objects. It is widely used in industrial manufacturing applications, architectural mill-work, education, exhibits/store fixtures, furniture, high volume cabinet production, nested based manufacturing, residential/commercial construction, three-dimensional pattern/molds, upholstered frames, advertising industry, die industry.

1. The rotary device can be designed and installed to your desired position according to your specific processing needs. Moreover, the diameter and length of the rotating device can be customized and can be disassembled during transportation.
2. The welded structure made of thick steel, making the whole machine have higher stability and processing precision.
3. Rigid vacuum table with grid and T-slot can maximize the vacuum pressing force, and the work piece can be fixed more firmly, and the machining accuracy is also guaranteed.
4. Adopt SYNTEC high-performance control system, separate keyboard control, color LCD display.
5. Imported parts such as HSD ATC spindle, Yaskawa inverter, Becker vacuum pump, Hiwin linear, Syntec control system, etc., ensure the machine has a long service life.

Please let us know your processing requirements. As a professional CNC router manufacturer, we are professional enough to provide you with the most suitable CNC engraving machine.

How to maintain the CNC router in summer

As the summer comes, the temperature rises gradually. In order to ensure that the engraving machine can be used normally, we need to pay attention to some details from 7 aspects when using it. Blue Elephant professional engineers give the following considerations.

1.Placement: It is forbidden to install the CNC router in an open environment. And choose a well-ventilated place.

2. Daily maintenance: Regular maintenance including cleaning the screw, dropping lubricants to rotating parts and rails to ensure that the machine can reduce wear and complete the rotation and movement tasks efficiently.

3. Trouble shooting: If there is abnormality such as smoke, odor, noise, etc. in the use of the CNC cutting machine, please stop it immediately.

4. Environmental impact: It is forbidden to install and debug the CNC engraving machine under the rainy and thunder weather.

5. Voltage requirements: It is strictly forbidden to use the power supply that does not meet the rated voltage for the CNC cutting machine.


6. Equipment requirements: When the water-cooled spindle works, it must ensure that the water pipe is fixed reliably, the water is clean, and the water flow is smooth. The motor should be replaced in time due to water leakage or water pipe aging, and the original parts and cable of the CNC cutting machine should not be damaged or replaced at will. Pay attention to regularly adding lubricant to the guide rails, racks, etc. According to different processing materials, choose the appropriate tool and set the appropriate engraving speed.

7. Others: Operate in strict accordance with the company’s training requirements, the processing size shall not exceed the scope specified in the specification of the CNC router.


Blue elephant ushered in a large-scale upgrade of CNC routers

Recently, Blue Elephant announced the latest product appearance, and completely upgrade the appearance of its main products, including woodworking engraving machine, CNC routers, panel furniture production line, etc.. This appearance upgrade is designed to provide customers with a better service experience from product performance to appearance, from detail to overall innovation.

Unique design inspiration to highlight the beauty of industry

After the upgrade of the Blue Elephant CNC routers, the whole machine adopts an ice-gray shell. The simple body is dotted with smooth water blue curve, which reflects the latest design style and characteristics of the blue elephant CNC routers. Besides that the use of fine sand spray process makes the overall body more technical.

The most prominent design is the front side of the engraving machine in this appearance upgrade, whose design concept perfectly matched with the “Blue Elephant” brand. According to the Blue Elephant CNC designer, the front side design of this engraving machine adopts the evolution of the elephant head features, thus forming the design inspiration of the main elements of the front side of the engraving machine.


In this appearance upgrade, the water blue curve design on the machine body is inspired by the PI features extended by the elephant element, which perfectly fits the engraving machine body structure on the basis of the outline image. Adding the agility and femininity of the water to the calm ice-gray body makes the machine more vivid.

In addition, the latest product appearance also adds a head cover made of transparent acrylic material, which can effectively prevent processing debris or dust from entering the machine head, greatly extending the service life of the machine.

Enhance brand recognition with a new look

Blue elephant designer said that the new appearance of the equipment is designed around the core of the Blue Elephant VI system. It is hoped that with this appearance upgrade, the brand recognition of Blue Elephant CNC can be further improved in the customer group. While optimizing the product structure and supporting services, we still retain customized services for the individual needs of our customers.


Blue Elephant CNC’s appearance upgraded products include ATC CNC router, 4 axis CNC router, panel furniture production line and other main products. It is the largest scale product upgrade of Blue Elephant and new appearance products will be fully launched in the near future. Please pay attention to our product list.

Blue Elephant provides technical support for global users-in Netherlands

After ending the technical support for French users, the Blue Elephant went to the Netherlands in the second stop.

We all know that the Netherlands is famous for its seawalls, windmills and tulips, especially the windmills. It is known as the country of windmills in the Netherlands, and it is a good place for domestic and foreign tourists to travel and sightseeing.

Under the leadership of our customers, our engineers came directly to the customer’s factory. After a detailed understanding of the customer’s needs and questions about the wooden engraving machine, our engineers patiently answered each question and demonstrated some operations on site.

Blue Elephant in Netherlands2

What we have done is not only to open up more international markets, but we are more willing to make friends with like-minded friends who grow together and progress together. From the face of the customer’s full smile, it can be seen that the relationship between Blue Elephant and the customer is not only the relationship between the buyer and the seller, but also the friendship between friends.

Blue Elephant in Netherlands

Since its establishment, Blue Elephant CNC router has been selling well in various countries in Europe and America with its excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service system. And every year there are special engineers to go to the customer to provide some technical support. We just need to be professional enough and perfect enough to eliminate the worries of customers about the machine, truly think for the customer and help the customer to maximize the benefits.

Blue Elephant provides technical support for global users-in France

Blue Elephant has always maintained close contact with all customers. Whether it is from the perspective of a perfect after-sales service team or professional technical support,we can provide you with a full range of online and offline services to solve all your questions about the CNC router. This time, our engineers personally visited the customers in various countries with full sincerity, provided technical support and answered questions for customers on the spot.

Our first stop came to France. As a long-established country, there are countless cultural heritages and places of interest. On the way to our customers, our Blue Elephant engineers also enjoyed the beautiful scenery along the way.

Blue Elephant in France5


Blue Elephant in France8

Under the enthusiasm of the customer, we came to the customer’s production workshop. After knowing some specific customer requirements, our engineer demonstrated some of the machine’s operating skills, precautions, and how to maintain it later.



What we have done in the blue elephant is not only to open up more international markets, but we are more willing to make friends who grow together and progress together.

Blue Elephant provides technical support to Blue Elephant users around the world. Our second stop will be in the beautiful Netherlands, please continue to follow us. If you have a need for our engineers, please let us know.

6 tips to maintain the stone cnc router

We all know that the machine needs regular maintenance, and the engraving machine is the same. Daily maintenance is essential to keep the components of the engraving machine in good condition and to extend the life of the machine. Blue Elephant teaches you how to maintain the stone CNC router from 6 tips to avoid a series of faults when the machine is working.

Tip 1: Regularly check whether the water circulation system and the lubrication device are normal. Especially in the cold winter, it is necessary to replace the antifreeze in time and replace the motor oil. In the case of low temperature in winter, if the antifreeze is not replaced in time, the water pipe will freeze, and the cooling water will freeze in the spindle, which will cause the spindle to freeze and crack. Besides that the oil will be thicker and the oil will flow slowly. Therefore, if the motor oil is not replaced in time, the oil supply system will malfunction.

Tip 2: Pay attention to the spindle temperature at all times, and cool down the spindle to prevent the spindle from being damaged by overheating. In summer, air temperature is higher, so the spindle temperature will be higher. It is very necessary to pay attention to the temperature of the spindle at all times. If the spindle of stone engraving machine is not equipped with a circulating cooling system, which will cause damage to the spindle. In view of this situation, on the one hand, we can add the new cold water to the water tank to ensure the temperature of the spindle through the normal circulation of water. On the other hand, it is also possible to equip the water chiller separately to ensure that the temperature of the spindle is not too high.

water chiller

Tip 3: Ensure good grounding, reduce static interference to improve machine stability and protect the operator. Especially in thunderstorms, it is recommended that you do not run the machine and that the power supply is completely disconnected.

Tip 4: Ensure good grounding, reduce static interference to improve machine stability and protect the operator. Especially in thunderstorms, it is recommended that you do not run the machine and that the power supply is completely disconnected.

Tip 5: Keep the workshop ventilated and check the workshop for dripping. The engraving machine is made of steel or cast iron, the structure will be relatively stable. However, water droplets on the engraving machine can not only cause rust damage to the machine body; at the same time, too humid working environment can cause other faults such as short circuit of electronic components inside the power distribution box of the engraving machine.

Tip 6: Try to avoid peak periods of electricity consumption. At this time, there is often a phenomenon that the voltage of the power supply is unstable. For the cnc router, there will be a phenomenon that the spindle stop rotating, and even a phenomenon that the drive is overloaded and burned out. Therefore, it is recommended that you avoid the peak period or use a voltage regulator to ensure the circuit is normal.

These are tips given by Blue Elephant. If you encounter other problems during the use of stone cnc router, please contact our professional after-sales staff, they will give you more professional advice and solution.

The secret you have to know about the choice of spindle of CNC router

As we all know that CNC router is generally equipped with a high performance spindle to play its role. The spindle can be used for high speed engraving, drilling and milling, drilling and so on. When the spindle rotates at a high speed, it generates a lot of heat. If the heat is not cooled in time, it will have a great influence on the service life of the spindle, and even burn the spindle. There are two main cooling methods for the spindle including water cooling and air cooling. But what kind of cooling method which you need for spindle? As the leader of the CNC router industry, Blue Elephant recommends the following suggestions.

Is it better to use the water cooling spindle or the air cooling spindle? Many customers who need purchase engraving machines will face the question. In response to this problem, the professional engineers from Blue Elephant listed the difference between water cooling spindle and the air cooling spindle of the engraving machine. Maybe it’s helpful to choose.

water cooling splindle

1. Cooling effect. Water cooling method use water circulation to cool the spindle. The temperature of the spindle is guaranteed to be below 40 degrees after water circulation, whose cooling effect will be much better than water cooling method.

2. Noise. The water cooling spindle motor is basically free of noise, and the air cooling spindle motor is relatively noisy compared to water cooling.

3. Service life. Water-cooled spindle can be extended the service life by human factors, such as changing water or using industrial water coolers, so its service life is longer than that of air-cooled spindle.

air cooling spindle

4. Accuracy. The axial and radial run out of the water cooling spindle are basically below 0.003 mm, which has higher precision than air cooling spindle.

5. Easy to use. Since the water cooling spindle needs to be connected to the water pump, it needs a bucket to hold the water. And it needs to be connected to the water pipe. Especially in the cold winter in the north, water pipes are easy to ice, which may be more troublesome for customers in the cold winter. At this time, the air cooling spindle is more suitable.

Tips: When choosing a cooling method, it is recommended to consider the purchase budget, as well as local natural conditions such as local water resources, temperature and other factors. Of course, you can also contact us to get the most professional advice according to your specific needs.

Through the comparison of the above two different cooling methods, do you know how to choose different spindles?

The furniture samples sent from our customers processed by multi head CNC Router

Blue Elephant CNC multi-head CNC routers are mainly divided into synchronous type and asynchronous type. Synchronous type means that we can handle multiple work pieces, which is ideal for mass production. For asynchronous types, we can process an artifact by automatic tool change. No matter which type, it can save production time; improve production efficiency; and greatly reduce the purchase cost of production equipment. The following are the advantages of a multi-head CNC engraving machine:

1. Multi-spindle works at the same time, greatly improving the processing speed and the working efficiency. In the case of some processing volume, the single spindle can also work independently, and the production cost can be effectively and reasonably controlled.

2. Designed for customers who process large quantities and small work pieces. In batch processing, the product has good consistency and high quality, which greatly reduces the purchase cost of production equipment. It is multi-purpose and economical and affordable.

3. The bed body adopts the overall thick-walled all-steel structure design. After welding and tempering, the steel is harder and firmer, which make sure the machine is still stable after working for a long time.

4. Adopting international brand stepping motor and high-speed drive with the large power, stable transmission and performance, which ensure the machine can run without intermittent high speed for a long time.

The multi-head CNC Router proves to you that time is money. High efficiency, easier operation, low maintenance fee. You only need to install the extra spindle (ATC spindle is very expensive, while the common spindle is only 30%-60% around of it at the price.

Applicable to the industry:

  • Building Industry (general woodworking, kitchen cabinet & door, facades & curtain wall, column & balustrade)
  • Sign & Advertising (signage indoor & outdoor, engraving & bas-relief, 3D letters, funeral)
  • Models & Prototyping
  • Plastics & Composites (ACP, ACM and solid surface material etc.)
  • Non-ferrous metals & Marine

The following is a feedback sample of the machine samples sent by our customers, which are processed by two different machines.

The beautiful wooden furniture sent from our Kenyan customer processed by our ELECNC-1530 three processes multi head CNC Router Machinery.

wooden furniture by four process
This picture sent from customer processed by our four processes multi head CNC router machinery for wooden furniture.

If you are interested in our machines above, or would like to know more about multi-head CNC engraving machines, it is recommended to go to the product section for more details.

How to choose a suitable CNC router(2)

There must be many suppers and distributors when you decide to buy a CNC router. How to choose? In the previous blog, we talked about some details about knowing the CNC router itself to choose the suitable one. Today, Blue Elephant teach you how to choose the suitable CNC router by choosing manufacturer?

Make clear it’s a supper or a distributor

As a buyer, we must figure out whether the seller is a manufacturer or a distributor. Blue elephant are recommended as the preferred manufacturer. Because as a professional manufacturer, there must be a wealth of experience in the production of CNC routers, not only to ensure the quality of the machine, but also the selectivity of the machine. Secondly at the same price, you can buy a more cost-effective machine from a supplier compared with a distributor.

Blue elephant factory

Production capability of CNC router manufacturers

The production strength of the manufacturer is one of the most important factors affecting the quality of the machine, especially the R&D strength of the manufacturer. Blue Elephant CNC has more than 10 years of experience in the CNC industry, and a professional team of 140 people provides you with customized products. The R&D team of more than 30 people is based on the frontier of science and technology, and adheres to the innovative concept to ensure the products constantly updated and iterated to meet the various needs of the market and users. Our products are welcomed by domestic and foreign users, and exported to more than 80 countries and regions including Europe and the United States. We have provided customized services for more than 5,300 users.

Perfect supporting services

When purchasing any one product, there will be corresponding supporting services to ensure that we can use it normally and bring us certain economic benefits. The manufacturers of CNC engraving machines also need various supporting services to reassure users. For example, we need to consider pre-sales services, such as factory site visits, sample proofing, etc., as well as professional after-sales service teams including installation guides, instructions for use, machine warranty, troubleshooting and other services, which can make users free from worries.

Blue elephant

To their factory for field trips

If you have the conditions, you can go to their factory to conduct field visits. This will not only make you have a certain understanding of the production strength of the factory, but also learn about the operation and maintenance of the machine on site.

Accurate positioning

Don’t believe that you can buy a good machine at a very low price, and don’t believe that one CNC router can do all the work. Make clear your own processing needs or the configuration requirements of the machine, then make a choice. As a professional CNC machinery supplier, we will definitely recommend the most suitable machine for you.

If you have other questions about how to choose the right CNC engraving machine, please contact us. Blue Elephant CNC has been at your service.

Congratulations to the Australian customer for signing the 1325ATC CNC router with a rotary device

With many standard CNC machine configurations, we work closely to define the right CNC machine for your needs. We manufacture innovative, industrial CNC routers, delivering high productivity and remarkable cut quality all at an affordable price. Focusing on innovative, customization and exceptional service, Blue Elephant has all kinds of CNC machines to suit your any project.
Congratulations to the Australian customer for signing 3

Congratulations to the Australian customer for signing 4

This time, our Australian customers are even more appreciative of our machines after coming to the factory for a site visit. At the same time, he was satisfied with our professional technology and perfect service, and signed the 1325ATC CNC router with a rotary device. The following is about the machine.

This 1325 ATC CNC router with a rotary device is an entry-level ATC CNC router. With the advantages like easy operation and maintenance, it is one of our best-selling machines without the high cost of procurement. Especially, there is a rotating device added to the basic ATC machine to handle your machining of cylindrical work pieces.


  1. Equipped with the Italy HSD air-cooling spindle, and adopting air to cool without connecting the water pump, it’s more convenient to operate with air cooling.
  2. With the function of automatic tool change including carousel tool change type and linear tool change type, which saving time and manpower without manual operation.
  3. With a rotating device, it can be mounted to the position you want. And it can be mounted to the position you want like being attached to any position on the bed or independent of the bed.At the same time, the diameter and length of the rotating device can be made according to your requirements.
  4. Adopt Taiwan SYNTEC control system, it’s easy to learn and operate.

What we do is more than opening more markets, but making friends who grow together with Blue Elephant. We are willing to work hard with you, grow together and continue to struggle.

How to choose a suitable CNC router(1)?

To choose the right CNC router, we have to start by knowing the CNC router machine.

Introduction of the ordinary CNC router

Working principle of the ordinary CNC router

Through the controller of the computer, the main body of the CNC router is controlled to generate the engraving path of the X, Y and Z axes to realize the relative movement of the tool and the work piece and complete the machining of the work piece fixed on the work surface.

Classification of CNC router:

However, due to the different requirements of various industries, the application of the CNC router and the internal configuration are also very different. Blue Elephant CNC brings you to know different kinds of CNC engraving machines.

ATC CNC router

The ATC CNC router is a major classification of CNC engraving machine, which represents the highest technology cnc machine equipment, and is the final trend of the development of CNC routers. It has a separate magazine that automatically replaces the required tool during machining of the work piece without stopping work. Automatically select different tools when engraving complex patterns, greatly improving work efficiency.

ATC CNC Router

Advertising CNC router

The advertising CNC router is mainly used for the engraving machine in the advertising industry. It is divided into large engraving machine and small engraving machine according to the working area. Smaller worktops are mainly used for the processing of small-format materials such as two-color board lettering or signage. The relatively large work surface is mainly used for PVC cutting, billboard making, light boxes, mini words and luminous characters.

Woodworking CNC router

Woodworking CNC router is a big classification, which can be roughly divided into: wooden door CNC router, furniture CNC router, handicraft CNC router and wood CNC router. The wooden door engraving machine is mainly used in the wood door, cabinet door, wardrobe door industry, and the configuration is higher than the ordinary woodworking engraving machine. Because of the loading and unloading problem, it is generally equipped with a vacuum adsorption table. Furniture CNC routers are mainly used in the production of European furniture, modern furniture, antique furniture, and office furniture. In order to improve processing efficiency, there are usually multiple spindle motors. Crafts CNC router can be called embossing engraving machine, generally equipped with 4-10 heads, multi-head processing, reducing costs and improving production efficiency.

Multi-head cnc router

EPS CNC router

The EPS CNC router specializes in processing foam. It belongs to light CNC machine tools, and the rigidity and precision requirements of foam engraving machines are slightly lower than those of heavy metal cutting machines. The foam model CNC router is suitable for the production of foam products such as sculpture, film and television wedding stage props and EPS components.

Cylindrical CNC router

Cylindrical CNC router is mainly used for processing wood for 3D or three-dimensional engraving, such as, Buddha statue, Roman column, gourd and so on.

Stone CNC router

Stone CNC router is mainly used in the processing of ceramic tiles, bluestone, artificial stone, granite, sand and other stone tombstones, stone monuments, background walls, merits, floor tiles, etc.

Defining the working nature of the CNC router

Finally, do not think that all engraving work can be done with one CNC router. The manufacturer divides the CNC router machine into various specifications and models, in order to deal with various processing tasks. For example, if you buy a mold-level engraving machine to sculpt a two-color board, or buy a large engraving machine to engrave the seal, which will cause a huge waste, and will not get good effect. Similarly, if you buy an advertising CNC router to make a mold, you may not complete the process at all. Therefore, you must determine the working content of the machine before purchasing, including the size of the work piece, the material of the material, the thickness of the material, and the final engraving effect.

As a professional CNC router manufacturer in China, Blue Elephant CNC has all kinds of CNC engraving machines to meet your various production needs. In addition, we will continue to update the corresponding machine purchase guide, please continuously follow that how to choose the suitable cnc router(2).

Application of 4-axis CNC router in furniture industry

CNC routers are new machinery and equipment in the woodworking and furniture manufacturing industry in recent years, which representing the development trend of the woodworking machinery industry. In particular, the gradual maturity of multi-axis CNC machining technology has made CNC machining equipment widely used in various manufacturing industries. Today we are going to talk about the application of 4-axis CNC router in the furniture industry.

application of 5-axis cnc router in furniture industry2

The 4-axis machining equipment combines computer control, high-performance servo drive and precision machining technology to process continuous, smooth, and complex surfaces. In the furniture industry, especially the shape of custom solid wood furniture, for its structure and shape gradually become more complex and multi-surface. Compared with the traditional 3-axis CNC machine tools, the 4-axis CNC machining technology is more flexible to process.

application of 5-axis cnc router in furniture industry3

Introduction of Blue Elephant CNC 4-axis CNC router

The 4-axis woodworking CNC machining center is equipped with a tilting and rotating two-axis rotating system in the X, Y, Z orthogonal three-axis drive system. The X, Y, and Z coordinates determine the tool position, and the two rotation coordinates determine the tool direction. The two rotation axes can be either tool swing or table rotation.

Application of Blue Elephant CNC 4-axis CNC router in Furniture Industry:

At present, the woodworking machine tool industry has started from the popularization of numerical control technology, and gradually develops into the direction of complete set, high-end and large-scale. On one 4-axis machining equipment, multiple operations can be completed such as turning, milling, engraving, drilling, boring, reaming, sawing, slotting, sanding, etc..

Compared with the traditional 3-axis CNC router, the 4-axis cnc router has many advantages when processing furniture based on solid wood components.

—High level of automation
Most or all of the machining of the work piece can be completed in one setup, which not only ensures the machining accuracy of the work piece, but also improves the machining efficiency.
—High speed milling
High-speed milling can transform the traditional multi-pass machining process into a high-speed machining process, reducing the number of machining steps and avoiding the cumulative accuracy errors caused by multiple process operations.
—High security
With self-diagnosis and self-repair function. Throughout the working state, the system performs self-diagnosis and inspection on the CNC system itself and various devices connected to it at any time.
— Simple process
It has strong adaptability, high flexibility and good flexibility to machined parts. The process of processing complex work pieces is single, saving a lot of time and other equipment investment.
—Multiple functions
Various machining centers equipped with automatic tool changers can simultaneously perform milling, boring, drilling, turning, reaming, reaming, tapping and other processes on the same machine. The modern five-axis machining center also adopts multi-spindle and polyhedral cutting methods, which can simultaneously cut different parts of a part in different ways.
—Intelligent management
With the function of automatic parameter setting and automatic tool management, dynamic feed forward and predictive calculation, adaptive fuzzy control, etc.

Welcome the US customers to visit our factory

Recently, we have received a lot of customers from abroad to come to the factory to visit and study. As loyal fans of blue elephant CNC routers, they came here across the ocean. Of course, we will never live up to your long-standing trust and support.

The machines that the customer is interested in are including 1325 ATC CNC router with auto loading/unloading, automatic edge banding machine, side drilling machine, wood sanding machine, vacuum laminating machine and others.

welcome the US customers to visit our factory

cnc router with auto loading and unloading

machining scene

One of the things worth mentioning is our fully automatic loading and unloading panel furniture production line. The following advantages make it very popular in the furniture processing industry.

  • Bed structure: The structure of the machine is exquisite, achieving a win-win of speed and precision.
  • Save time: With self-contained pusher device, it’s convenient for operators to take materials, saving time. It also has dual-station equipment, which can be used to maximize production efficiency.
  • Vacuum table: With the vacuum adsorption table, it can process different shapes of plates.
  • Saving labor: The automatic loading and unloading, vertical punching, rectangular cutting, profile cutting and grooving operations can be completed at the same time, which can save labor cost by about 60%.
  • High efficiency: The processed sheet does not collapse, and 60-80 sheets can be completed in one day.
  • Other combinations: Drilling and automatic tool change combination, can achieve drilling, pulling and other functions.

chat with the customer

In addition, we can customize the machine according to your specific production needs. Leave us a message to let us know your specific processing needs.

Samples display by cnc router from our foreign customers

Blue Elephant CNC, as a professional CNC machine manufacturer, has provided various domestic and foreign users with various processing solutions to meet their production needs. Win the praise and recognition of customers. And we has always maintained a close and friendly relationship with customers. All along, we intend to help our customers improve their production efficiency to meet the production needs of customers to obtain greater economic benefits.
The following is about the samples by our CNC router from our customers.

sample by pneumatic 3 spindles CNC Router with Rotary Device

This one is the cylindrical wood sample by our pneumatic 3 spindles CNC router with rotary device.

For this kind of cylindrical wood materials, most of our machines can be machined as long as they are equipped with a rotating spindle. Therefore, with the rotary spindle, it can realize what you want to process of your work piece in any shape like round/cylindrical work pieces.
mdf sample
This one is the engraved MDF sample by a Pakistani customer.

As we can see that how beautiful the work piece is with the exquisite texture. For the ordinary sheet processing, only if you have the ideas about what you want to make, our CNC router can realize it easily.

If you are interested in our machine, please let me know your processing requirement. We Blue Elephant must provide you with the most suitable processing solution.

Spanish Customer Sent us Feedback about Our 2030 CNC Machine

Spanish Customer Sent us Feedback about Our 2030 CNC Machine (3)

Spanish Customer Sent us Feedback about Our 2030 CNC Machine (5)

Today we received feedback from Spanish customer. Look, very neat and orderly factory. 2030 cnc machine is one of our classic working table sizes. Equipped with Vacuum & T-slot table surface, double use type, you can fix smaller processing objects with clips.Spanish Customer Sent us Feedback about Our 2030 CNC Machine (1) Spanish Customer Sent us Feedback about Our 2030 CNC Machine (2)

Very beautiful woodworking carvings. This machine can not only engrave wooden doors, cabinets, plates, office and wood furniture, but also for decorate industry such as acrylic, PVC, MDF, soft metals such as copper, aluminum plate engraving and milling process. Can meet your various engraving needs.

Spanish Customer Sent us Feedback about Our 2030 CNC Machine (6)

Look, this is the final sample of the customer, a very cute horse. In China, the horse symbolizes struggle and positive spirit. Here, I wish all of our clients a thriving career and a smooth life.

After-Sale Service in China Henan, customer bought our four machines

After-Sale Service in China Henan, customer bought our four machines (3) This time our after-sales team went to China Henan for technical support. Our domestic customer purchased our four machines at one time. 1325 CNC Machine with 4 Spindles, CNC Side Hole Drilling Machine, Edge Banding Machine and Precision Sliding Table Saw Panel Machine. Let me introduce you to the main uses of these machines.

After-Sale Service in China Henan, customer bought our four machines (1)

This is our 1325 CNC Machine with 4 Spindles, Professional furniture factory cabinet or closet making machine. In some degree, it can help you finish many works by different tools in one time automatically, working efficiency is much higher, very similar to ATC. But, cost for pneumatic system multi spindles cnc is much more economic than ATC, so it is good model to choose if you are in furniture industry.

After-Sale Service in China Henan, customer bought our four machines (9)

This is our CNC Side Hole Drilling Machine. Production can be completed with automatic functions, no need for professional drilling technicians, and this machine is equipped with Infrared scanning, precise and fast data import, rapid positioning of sheet material, hole position processing on the Side of the sheet material, wide compatibility, supporting docking all kinds of furniture design production software.

After-Sale Service in China Henan, customer bought our four machines (6) After-Sale Service in China Henan, customer bought our four machines (7)

The edge banding machine is used for edging the panel furniture, it is used for covering the materials like PVC, veneer, wood on the edge of the panel furniture like MDF, PLYWOOD, partical board etc. Such to protect the panel furniture and make it modern, it is now widely used for furniture industry, like wardrobe, decoration, cupboard, bookshelf etc. And become of the unavoidable machines for modern furniture.

After-Sale Service in China Henan, customer bought our four machines After-Sale Service in China Henan, customer bought our four machines

Precision Sliding Table Saw Panel Machine. Apply to processing all kinds of density boards, shaving boards, wood-based panels, ABS panels, PVC panels,organic glass plates and solid wood and others with wood structure and similar hardness.

These four machines form a relatively complete production line. If you don’t know what machine to choose, these four machines can meet most of your production requirements.

Customers from Sweden come to visit our factory, purchased our ATC machine and CNC oscillating knife cutting machine

Customers from Sweden come to visit our factory, purchased our ATC machine and Cnc Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine (5)

Customers have their own company, and the machines are mainly used to process MDF, ship decoration, EVA, etc. The customer knows the scale of our company in advance and then chooses to visit our factory.

Customers from Sweden come to visit our factory, purchased our ATC machine and Cnc Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine (1) Customers from Sweden come to visit our factory, purchased our ATC machine and Cnc Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine (2)

Customers are interested in our ATC machines and Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine. Our sales is accompanied by the whole visit, through the communication with our professional engineers, and the processing demonstration of the sample machine, the customer is very satisfied with the quality of our company’s machines.

Customers from Sweden come to visit our factory, purchased our ATC machine and Cnc Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine (3) Customers from Sweden come to visit our factory, purchased our ATC machine and Cnc Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine (4)

After confirming some details, the customer paid the deposit directly to purchase our two machines. And took a photo outside our factory. The location of our factory ushered in the spring, the flowers are blooming, the scenery is very beautiful, even the customers can not help but sigh.

If you want to enjoy the beauty of our factory, if you are interested in our products, please contact us immediately!

Canadian customer come to visit our factory and purchased our 1325 machine

Canadian customer come to visit our factory and purchased our 1325 machine (5)

Recently, the weather in our factory is very sunny and all kinds of flowers are open. On this sunny day, our Canadian customer came to visit our factory. Look, the bag that the customer has in hand is our company prepared for every customer who visits the factory. It is printed with the logo of our Bule elephant and the introduction of our company.

Canadian customer come to visit our factory and purchased our 1325 machine (3)

This customer wants to be our agent. After field visits, comparison of multiple companies , and finally chose our company, we can see the trust of our customer and the recognition of the quality of our products.

Canadian customer come to visit our factory and purchased our 1325 machine (6)

Accompanied by our sales manager, the customer finally purchased our 1325 CNC machine. During the visit, we detailed the design, accessories and after-sales service of the machine for the customer, so that the customer can choose us with confidence.

Canadian customer come to visit our factory and purchased our 1325 machine (2) Canadian customer come to visit our factory and purchased our 1325 machine (1)

After confirming some details and requirements, the customer paid the deposit on the spot.

If you want to be our agent too, if you want to visit our factory, please contact us immediately.