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Best Solution for CNC Engraving Machine

What kind of CNC engraving machine or CNC engraver to choose?

If there is a block of solid wood or a piece of aluminum sheet, and you want to engrave letters on it to make signate, maybe you would find a hand-held engraver or a shop with a CNC engraving machine, but what kind of CNC is better meeting your need?

If you are a shop owner and want to expand your business to engraving or cutting, what kind of CNC engraving machine is your first consideration?
It is really a question to find the best solution for CNC engraving.

In fact, there is really the best solution, but the best solution for some specific material and engraving requirements.

Generally speaking, the best solution of CNC engraving machine is that:

Wood or metal engraving: it needs a router milling or a Co2 laser engraving;
Metal Marking: It needs a fiber laser engraving;


Materials CNC Engraving Machine Deals with:


Router Milling:
All kinds of material not very hard, such as wood, solid wood, hardwood, MDF, acrylic, glass, stone, aluminum, copper, brass, etc;
Pros & Cons:
Good at deep engraving for a wide range material, the speed is slower than laser engraving;

Co2 Laser Engraving:
Mainly non-metallic material, such as wood, glass, stone, leather, fabric, etc.
Pros & Cons:
High speed, accurate but mainly for non-metal, and it is mainly for surface engraving;

Fiber Laser Engraving / Marking:
Mainly on metal, such as stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, etc.
Pros & Cons:
High speed, accurate but mainly for metal, and it is mainly for surface engraving;


Engraving Method: Laser or Milling


For laser engraving, a non-contact engraving, laser beam as a knife to engrave, it mainly includes Co2 laser which is better working with things like wood & fiber laser which is good at metal.

For router milling or router engraving, it is a tool bit as a knife cutting things away from the workpiece.

Sample by CNC Wood Router

4x8 cnc router wood door making

wood carving sample

wood engraving art work


Samples by Co2 laser engraveing machine


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