Customer’s voice on CNC Machine

When you determined to purchase several CNC Router Machines, it is not an easy thing to find an ideal CNC Cutting Machine and a reliable partner. Today, we want to share some feedback that comes from our customers.

Maybe our company or fate can be greatly influenced by those people who has the same ambitions with us. Therefore, please read this short blog and watch the video with our patience.

The main character of this video came from Serbia.

  • He wanted to learn the operation of 1325 4 Axis CNC Router Machine.
  • With this purpose, he visited our factory on March 7th. Bella and Gary provided services for him.
  • He was very satisfied with them. Gary is equipped with lots of knowledge about CNC Machine, he knows every piece of machine. Bella showed him around the Jinan before he left China.

The main character of next video came from Canada.

  • He wanted to introduce some new advanced CNC Engraving Machines to promote the development of his company. With this purpose, he chose to visit our factory under the accompany of our salesman and technician.
  • We provided Wood CNC Router, Stone CNC Router, Metal CNC Router some others for him to visit.
  • After several days’ visiting, he was caught eye by 1530 carousel type Auto Tool Changer CNC Router. He observed and checked the machine carefully.
  • At last, he was very satisfied with our ATC CNC Router Machines. Apart from this machine, he decided to purchase another model of CNC Machine.

This is the real voice from our customer. There are so many examples like this. If we have the chance, we are willing to show them one by one.


If you have the same requirement like them, you can make contact with us.