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CNC Plasma Cutter

What is CNC plasma cutter?

CNC plasma cutter is a computer-controlled machine with a cutting table, a plasma generator, and other CNC kits. We also call it CNC plasma table, CNC plasma cutting table, CNC plasma cutting machine, etc.
It is the most popular metal cutting machine in this world. Because it can cut almost any metal well in quality, from steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, etc.
CNC plasma cutter also has the advantages of fast cutting speed, smooth cut surface, little heat distortion & deformation. Better than a flame metal cutter, plasma cutting has little heat-affected zone for thin sheet metal cutting;

Metal cutting solutions: CNC Plasma cutter vs Flame cutter vs Laser cutter

Generally, the CNC plasma cutter has the middle metal cutting ability, cutting speed, and cutting cost between flame metal cutting and laser metal cutting. Details as follows:

CNC plasma cutter cuts metals by plasma torch sometimes with the help of oxy-fuel. It mainly cuts Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Titanium, and Copper in the best thickness of 0.5-22mm at a good feeding rate of 0-8000mm/min;

CNC Laser Metal cutter performs better at thin metal sheet cutting. It mainly cuts steel less than 20mm. Laser cutting is mainly for steel cutting and the thin sheet of copper, aluminum. The cutting edge and cutting speed of laser metal cutting is always better than plasma metal cutting;

Flame metal cutting is for Carbon steel mainly at 5-200mm;

How to Choose a CNC Metal cutting machine?

  • If you mainly cut thin steel sheet and require smooth cutting edges and high speed, please consider a laser CNC cutter;
  • Mainly cut carbon steel, and not care about the cutting edge, you are suggested to choose a CNC flame cutter or a CNC plasma cutter with flame cutting.
  • If you want to cut many kind metals, such as stainless steel, copper, alu, titanium, etc., please consider our CNC plasma cutters;

Why choose our CNC plasma cutters?

  • The slit is narrow and smooth, so the deviation value is small, less waste of metal material.
  • Flexible and convenient feeding saves man-power.
  • The operation of the CNC plasma table is simple, the processing efficiency is higher.

To learn more before buying, please contact us online or by email.

Blue Elephant offers a variety of CNC plasma cutters for different metal cutting. With its advantages of high precision, high speed, and high efficiency, the CNC plasma cutting machine is popular by our users.

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