CNC Router Machine Quick Guidance

This Quick Guidance introduces Best Selling & typical cnc routers. It helps to find the right cnc router machine in a short time. Or you can write a message of questions or getting price at bottom, Our sales manager will reply you soon.

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First, Brief description of different types of machins:

  • Basic Type: This type wood router machine has functions of milling, engraving and carving, it shapes from 90 degrees to 180 degrees in vertical section.
  • Swing Type: Its spindle swings ±90 degrees, so it shapes from 0 to 180 degrees in theory.
  • Linkaged Type: It performs the function of auto changing tool kits by switching different spindles into working, no need to waste time changing kits by hands, efficient.
  • Atc Type: It automatically picks up the right kit from toolkit bracet. No need to change it by hands, especially when you need more than 4 kits to complete a workpiece, efficient.
  • Multi-spindle Type: It is good at making many workpieces at the same time, efficient.

Recommended Types

Efficient Types

1730 Multi Spindles CNC Router

5. Multi Spindles CNC Router

cnc router with seperated spindles

6. CNC Router with Seperated Spindles

cnc router with linkage spindles

7. CNC Router with Linkaged Spindles

CNC Routers all over the World

CNC Router all over world_01CNC Router all over world_02

Applications of Wood CNC Router

Wood CNC Router Machine has functions of engraving, carving, milling, Our Machine features rigid structure, high precision and low cost. It is suitable to make cabinet, office furnitures, wooden doors, solid wood furnitures, panel furnitures and so on. It is good at dealing with many materials, such as wood, solid wood, panel, acrylix, MDF, Plastic, Copper, Aluminum, Stone, etc.

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  • Every CNC Router can be made on your requirements, such as cnc router for stones, woodworking, acrylix, MDF, Plastic, Copper, Aluminum or others.
  • Our machines are more than those listed on this page or this site. Welcome to contact our sales managers, they will give more valuable suggestions.