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CNC Wood Lathe

CNC wood lathe is mainly used to cut, sand, drill and deform wooden workpieces. And it falls into center lathe, bench lathe, vertical lathe, and turret lathe. It can process cylindrical workpieces. Such as baseball bats, stair handrails, balusters, roman columns, wood cups, furniture legs, barrels, beads, gourd pendants, buddha heads, etc. 

What is a CNC wood lathe machine?

CNC wood lathe is a dedicated lathe for turning, milling, engraving, grooving round and square wood workpieces. It is also known as a wood turning machine, CNC lathe machine, or wood turning lathe. The workpiece is clamped via the motor-driven headstock and the air-actuated tailstock system.

A CNC milling machine works by moving a spinning tool over a stationary part. However, a CNC wood lathe works by spinning the part and moving the tool. So the CNC wood lathe for sale is ideal for round parts like shafts, bats, handrails, balusters, table legs, etc. It is suitable for processing workpieces with large diameters and short lengths. 
With high-speed steel or cemented carbide lathe tools, a wood turning machine can complete many wood turning projects. The CNC wood lathe is capable of rough and fine turning of inner hole, end face, tapered face, grooving, and cutting.

Types of the best wood lathe for sale

A wood turning lathe falls into many types based on different classification criteria. For example, center lathe machine, benchtop lathe, small lathe and mini lathe for sale, CNC lathe, vertical lathe, turret lathe, copying lathe machine, etc.
The benchtop lathe, small lathe, small wood lathe, mini wood lathe, or mini lathe for sale belong to manual machines. We mainly provide the CNC lathe that can work automatically.

The mini wood lathe and small wood lathe are suitable for woodworking hobbyists or small workshops. It requires many manual operations, so operators are required to have certain skills. While CNC lathes process the parts automatically, and operators do not need many professional skills to operate the machine,

What is a lathe major functions?

A CNC wood turning lathe can install different wood tooling tools to achieve various functions. Wood tooling tools fall into multiple types based on their width, angle, and shapes. For example, face/turn tools, groove tools, boring tools, thread tools, cutoff tools, etc.

Therefore, a CNC wood lathe can also realize such functions as follows:
  • Face
  • Rough/finish
  • Groove
  • Bore
  • Thread
  • Bore
  • Cutoff

What can a CNC wood lathe do?

A CNC lathe for wood can complete many wood turning projects or wood lathe projects by using different tools. For instance, some lathe tools with large widths and sharp angles can be used to cut off a part from a big wood workpiece. While the tools with more sharp tips are good at processing small or sophisticated parts.

For short, the CNC lathe machine is good at processing cylindrical or round wood workpieces, bowl sharp, tubular sharp, and round crafts. For instance:
Staircase columns               Stairway balusters
Posts                                    Pillars
Table legs                            Chair legs
Sofa legs                              Stool legs
Washstand                           Baseball bats
Bats                                      Bed rails
In terms of wood material types, the CNC wood lathe for sale can work on many wood materials. For example, beech, birch, teak, oak, Sapele, Chinese ash, sandalwood, merbau, and other wood materials.

Thanks to the design software, the wood turning machine can also engrave custom and flexible patterns on the columns.

What is a lathe main composition?

The CNC lathe machines for wood are available in many configurations. Some have two spindles, some two tool turrets, and some even integrate milling or grinding in the same machine. There are also differences between similar machines. The power, the size of stock, and how tools are held vary greatly between different CNC wood lathes. 

Taking our CNC lathe machine as an example, it mainly consists of a lathe bed, a spindle, a turret, and a control system.

Lathe bed

The lathe bed a highly rigid cast-iron structure, and other parts also adopt tempered precision castings. It can ensure accurate and stable operation and improve resistance to deformation.


There can be one or more spindles mounted on the wood turning machine. And the one with multiple spindles can process many workpieces at the same time, which greatly improving work efficiency. The spindle is attached to one end of the machine drive system. And the other end attaches to a chuck, which is to grip workpieces with jaws or collets. The spindle turns the chuck during processing.


The turret holds and moves the CNC wood lathe tools. Such lathe tools are bolted on the turret with dedicated holders, depending on different tool types. During processing, the turret carries the CNC wood lathe tools to process the turning workpieces.
The attaching method of wood tooling tools, and the direction the tool faces vary depending on the tool, operation, and cut direction. 
For example, a facing tool is oriented radially to the part, to maximize tool rigidity and work envelope. A boring bar is oriented axially to allow the bar to enter and exit the bore.

CNC control system

Our lathe machine adopts computer numerical control. It uses a CNC system that features high reliability, easy-to-operate, and humanized interface.

Common technical parameters of CNC wood lathe

Lathe type CNC wood lathe
Control mode CNC controlled
Voltage 380V/220V, 50/60Hz, 3 phase
Working size Customize based on your needs
Spindle Air-cooled, 0-24000rpm
Rotary device diameter Max. 300mm
Feed rate Max. 2000mm/min
Processing precision ±0.01/300mm
Environmental temperature 0-45°
Relative humidity 30%-75%
Price range $3,000 - $15,000

Advantages of CNC wood lathe machine

Fully automatic and easy to operate

CNC lathes process parts automatically according to pre-programmed procedures. Operators only need to load and unload the workpieces, operate the control panel, and observe the machining process. The whole process is automatically and continuously completed without heavy repetitive manual operations. This greatly reduces the labor intensity and tension and improves labor conditions.

Strong adaptability

When you want to change a workpiece for another machining, you only need to reprogram the CNC wood lathe. Unlike traditional woodworking lathes, there is no need to use and replace many tools, fixtures, and measuring tools. And there is no need to adjust the lathe frequently.
Therefore, the CNC wood turning lathe can quickly transfer from processing one part to processing another. This provides great convenience for single parts, small batches, and trial production of new products. It not only shortens the production preparation cycle, but also saves the cost of a large number of tools.

High processing accuracy

Due to the necessary measures taken in the structural design, the CNC woodworking lathe can achieve higher machining accuracy and quality stability. Firstly, the CNC turning machine adopts a ball screw nut structure and various clearance elimination structures. This reduces the error of the mechanical transmission as much as possible. Secondly, the software precision compensation technology is adopted to further reduce mechanical errors.

Then it uses a program to control the processing, reducing the influence of human factors on processing accuracy. These measures ensure not only the higher processing accuracy but also the stability of the higher processing quality.

High production efficiency

The time required for parts processing includes two aspects: machining time and auxiliary time. A CNC lathe can effectively reduce these two parts of time. So the processing productivity is much higher than that of ordinary woodworking lathes.

The range of spindle speed and feed rate of a CNC wood lathe is larger than that of a traditional manual lathe. And operators can select the most suitable cutting amount for each process. Meanwhile, the good structural rigidity also allows the wood turning machine to perform powerful cutting with a large cutting amount. 

Buy a used wood lathe or a new one?

In my opinion, the only advantage of buying a used wood lathe is the preferential price. Except for the price, the risks in buying used wood lathes for sale are relatively large. If the used lathe for wood you bought works well without any problems, you are very lucky. But in many cases, you are not likely to know the quality and condition of the used wood lathes for sale on the market. So you must be extremely careful to check the machine condition when you buy a used lathe.

However, buying a brand new CNC lathe does not have the above concerns. Good CNC machine manufacturers will run several tests and debugging before delivering the machine out of the factory. So the quality of the new CNC turning lathe for sale is guaranteed. Besides, the complete after-sales service will help you solve any problem encountered when using the best wood lathe. A new lathe for wood can make wood turning projects and CNC wood lathe projects with higher accuracy and precision.