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CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

CO2 laser cutter uses CO2 laser beam to cut and engrave wood, MDF, acrylic, plywood, PVC, etc. It has wide applications in the advertising industry, crafts industry, packing industry, etc. So we can also call it non metal laser cutting machine.

Besides, according to the CO2 laser power, CO2 laser machines has 40w-300w laser cutter. And based on the machine format, here are mini CO2 laser cutting machine 960, CO2 hobby laser machine 1610, large format laser cutter 1325, etc.

Moreover, a rotary device can also be added to laser cut products to sell, like acrylic laser CNC projects, glass laser cutting ideas, 3D CNC laser designs, etc. You will get a final CO2 laser machine price, the ranges from $3,000 to $60,000.

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CO2 Laser Cutting Machine Buyer Guide

What is CO2 Laser Cutting Machine?

The CO2 laser cutter adopts CO2 laser source (CO2 laser cutting technology) to cut and engrave non metals and soft metals. Therefore, some people also call it dual use CO2 laser cutting machine or mixed laser cutting machine. And it is consisted of various CO2 laser kits, such as laser generator, laser cutting head, laser cutter frame, laser cutting system, laser lens, laser mirror, laser power supply, water chiller, air compressor, and other many CO2 laser CNC kits. 

CO2 laser machine usually uses CO2 gas to process non-metal materials such as wood, paper, leather, cloth, epoxy resin, acrylic, wool, plastic, rubber, ceramic tile, crystal, jade, bamboo, etc. While the auxiliary gases include nitrogen, helium, xenon, and hydrogen is also permitted. Since CNC CO2 laser has high energy conversion efficiency of up to 25% and good stability, it can also cut some thin metal materials such as aluminum and brass. In addition, the CO2 laser power is optional. So you can choose a 40W CO2 laser cutter for sale, 50W wood laser machine, 60W acrylic laser cutting machine, 80W CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine, 100W laser engraver, 130W CNC CO2 laser cutting machine, 150W CO2 laser cutter, 300W wood cutting laser cutter, etc.

What is CO2 Laser, CO2 Laser Tube, and CO2 Laser Generator? 

CO2 laser

CO2 laser is a kind of gas laser consisted of CO2 molecules with the wavelength of 10.6μm. It can manifest a variety of energy states, depending on how it vibrates and spins. And the gas mixture in carbon dioxide is a plasma of low-pressure gas caused by the release of electrons. Since the output wavelength is easily absorbed by water, the CO2 laser is also widely used in the medical field.

Laser tube

CO2 laser tube is also known as the glass-enclosed CO2 laser. And it is mainly composed of three parts: hard glass, resonant cavity, and electrode. Hard glass tube cover is composed of discharge tube, water cooling jacket, gas storage jacket, and return gas pipe. Resonant cavity is consists of a total reflection mirror and an output mirror. And CO2 laser tube generally use cylindrical cold cathodes, which has the features of low sputtering rate and low gas absorption rate.

CO2 laser generator

The carbon dioxide laser generator (CO2 laser generator) is a kind of gas laser generator which takes CO2 gas as the working substance. And the discharge tube usually made of glass or quartz stone is filled with CO2 gas and other auxiliary gases. Moreover, the auxiliary gases are mainly helium, nitrogen, and usually with a small amount of hydrogen or xenon. And the electrodes are generally nickel hollow cylinders. For the resonant cavity, one end is a gold-plated total reflector and the other end is a partially reflecting mirror ground with germanium or gallium arsenide. 

How does a CO2 Laser Cutting Machine Work? 

You may want to know how to laser cut leather, how to laser cut fabric at home, or how to laser engrave acrylic. But first, Co2 laser cutter how it works? 

Laser machine tool lies in laser beams. CO2 laser machine uses a CO2 laser tube with a CNC system to irradiate the laser beam to the surface of the object. At the same time, the glass laser tube releases high energy heat to melt and evaporate the object surface to achieve CNC CO2 laser cutting and engraving. And in a CO2 laser engraving machine, light is produced when an electric current is passed through a gas-filled tube with mirrors at both ends. One mirror is fully reflective, while the other only lets some light through. Next, these mirrors direct the laser beam into the material to be cut. And the gas is usually a mixture of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen, and helium. 

In addition, CO2 laser beam is a very high-intensity beam of light. It is a kind of infrared ray with a single wavelength or color, which is invisible to the human eye. When the Co2 laser beam passes through the beam path from the resonator, its diameter is only about 3/4 of an inch. So, it may be reflected in different directions by many mirrors or "beam benders" before it is finally focused on the plate. And the focused CO2 laser beam passes through the nozzle hole before hitting the plate, as well as the compressed gas such as oxygen or nitrogen. Besides, higher CO2 laser power is for cutting and lower CO2 laser power is for engraving. Actually, the CO2 laser power is adjustable during operation. Laser power also affects the depth of CO2 laser engraving and the thickness of CO2 laser cutting.

Parameters of CO2 Laser Cutting Machine Kits 

Model 690, 1610, 1390, 1325, 1326
Working Area 600*900mm, 1600*1000mm, 1300*900mm, 1300*2500mm, 1300*2600mm
Laser Type CO2 laser
Power 75W, 90W, 100W, 130W, 150W, 300W, etc
System RUIDA
Max Cutting Speed 1000mm/min
Material Wood, acrylic, MDF, rubber, plywood, leather, glass, crystal, stone, foam, paper, plastic,  bone, aluminum, brass, etc.
Application Advertising, furniture, decoration, textile, crafts, packing, arts, etc.
Motor & Drive Stepper
Cooling Mode Water cooling
Support Graphic Format DST, PLT, BMP, DXF, etc.
Price Range $2,800-$20,000

What are the Advantages of a CO2 Laser Machine?

1.Wide range of processing: CO2 laser engraver can engrave and cut almost any non-metal material and has a very wide application in manufacturing industry, art industry, and medical industry.
2.Safe and reliable: adopting non-contact processing, CO2 CNC laser cutter for sale will not harm the surface of the machined part or deform the material.
3.Eco-friendly: the diameter of beam and spot is small generally less than 0.5mm, it has the features of material saving, safety and environmental protection. 
4.High-speed and fast: it can immediately perform high-speed engraving and cutting according to the drawings output by the computer.
5.Low cost: it has low maintenance costs and only needs inexpensive replacement parts. Especially for small batch processing services, laser processing is cheaper.

How Many Kinds of CO2 Laser Devices? 

  • a. Dual head CO2 laser cutting machine, Single head CO2 CNC laser cutter for sale, CO2 laser machine with a rotary device
  • b. Acrylic CO2 laser cutting machine for sale, Acrylic laser cutting machine for home, Small acrylic laser cutting machine
  • c. Fabric CO2 laser cutter, Laser fabric cutter for home use, Industrial laser cutter for fabric, Fabric laser machine, Fabric laser cutting machine
  • d. Glass CNC CO2 laser cutter for sale, CO2 laser machine for glass, Glass design CO2 laser cutting machine, class CO2 laser cutting machine
  • e. Paper CO2 laser machine, Paper CO2 laser cutter for small business, Applique laser cutter
  • f. Wood laser cutter, CO2 laser Wood cutter, Wood CO2 laser cutting machine, CNC laser wood cutting machine, Laser CNC machine for wood, Laser wood cutter for sale, CNC wood laser cutter, CO2 laser wood sign cutter
  • g. MDF CO2 laser engraver, CO2 laser machine for MDF, MDF CO2 laser cutting machine
  • h. Leather CO2 laser cutting engraving machine, CO2 laser cutter for leather
  • i. Cloth CO2 laser cutter, Clothing laser cutter, CO2 laser clothing cutter
  • j. Garment CO2 laser cutter, Apparel laser cutter, Laser cutting machine for garment industry
  • k. Industrial CO2 laser cutter, CO2 Hobby laser cutter, CO2 laser engraving machine for home use, CO2 laser engraving machine for small business, CO2 laser engraving machine for beginners, diy CO2 laser engraver, homemade CO2 laser engraver
  • l. Large CO2 laser cutting machine, mini CO2 laser engraving machine, small CO2 laser engraver, big CO2 laser cutter and engraver, portable CO2 laser cutter, desktop CO2 laser engraver, handheld CO2 laser cutter
  • m. 40w CO2 laser engraver, 50w CO2 laser engraver, 60w CO2 laser engraver, 80 CO2 laser engraver, 100 watt CO2 laser cutter, 130 watt CO2 laser cutter, 150 watt CO2 laser cutter

What is a CO2 Laser Cutting Machine Used for? 

What can a CO2 laser cutting machine cut? Can the CO2 laser cutting machine laser cut plywood, laser cut acrylic, laser cut fabric, or laser cut foam? The following are several common CO2 laser cutting materials.

wood, paper, leather, cloth, plexiglass, epoxy resin, acrylic, MDF, foam, wool, ivory, plastic, rubber, ceramic tile, crystal, jade, bamboo, chemical fiber cloth, leather, gypsum board, plywood, acrylic, PVC, PVB, PBS, chipboard, cardboard, fabric, carbon fibers, neoprene, textile, jeans, Acrylamide board, fiberboard, polyvinyl chloride board, polyester felt, thread fabric, and other non-metallic materials.

What CO2 laser projects can a CO2 laser cutting machine make? And what industries can a CO2 laser cutter applied for? Be assured, CO2 cutting machine can meet all your processing needs. 

1. Woodworking & Furniture Industry

CO2 laser cutting machine can laser cut wood. For example, the CO2 laser cutting machine can laser cut wood designs, laser cut wood panels, laser cut wood door panels, laser cut cabinet door panels, etc.

2. Advertising Industry

laser cut acrylic signs, acrylic tablet, laser cut acrylic hangings, acrylic photo frame, acrylic lights, acrylic nameplate, etc.

3. Garment Industry

laser cut leather, laser cut jeans, laser cut cotton, laser cut textiles, laser cut synthetic fiber, laser cut polyester, laser cut nylon, laser cut satin, etc.

4. Decoration Industry

plywood lights, foam molds, laser cut glass, laser cut paper decorations, laser cut MDF designs, laser cut plastic board, laser cut rubber ornaments, etc.

5. Arts & Crafts Industry

laser cut wooden picture frame, laser cut plywood toys, laser cut ivory, laser cut window grilles, laser engrave models, laser engrave mural, etc.

How to Use a CO2 Laser Cutter Engraver? 

1. Strictly follow the principles of startup and shutdown. Do not force the CO2 laser cutter engraver to close or open.
2. Turn on the air switch, emergency stop, and key switch to see if there is an alarm display on the temperature of the water tank.
3. Open the computer, wait for the computer to fully start up and then turn on the “start” button.
4. Turn on the motor, laser, and red light buttons in sequence.
5. Start the machine and import the CAD drawing.
6. Adjust the initial processing speed, tracking delay, and other parameters.
7. Adjust the focus and cutting center of the CO2 laser cutting machine.

How Much does a CO2 Laser Cutter Cost? 

If you want to buy a CO2 laser cutting machine, you may want to know how much the CO2 laser cutting machine price. According to different CO2 laser machine types, the CO2 laser cutting machine cost will be different. For example, acrylic laser cutting machine price, laser fabric cutting machine price, and textile laser cutting machine price ranges from $6,000-$1,500, while wood laser cutter cost is about $3,200-$9,400.

In addition, CO2 laser machine price is also decided by CO2 laser system, CO2 laser power, CO2 laser software, and other CO2 laser parts. Besides, buying overseas also needs to pay extra fees, such as taxes, shipping cost, packing cost, etc. Therefore, CO2 laser cutting machine price in India, Africa and CO2 laser cutter price in UK, USA, Australia are only different in the extra fees.     

How to Maintain a CO2 Laser Cutting Machine? 

1. Turn off the power of the machine and computer, as well as the cover of the optical lens after completing works. To prevent dust from contaminating the optical lens.
2. When the CO2 laser engraving machine works continuously for several hours, the lower surface of the focusing lens will absorb dust in the air.  Therefore, the focusing lens needs to be cleaned after a long period of operation to ensure a good engraving effect.
3. Regularly clean the cooling fins of the chiller to avoid excessive dust affecting the work. And change the distilled water in the tank every four months. Pay attention that tap or purified water should not be used.
4. The blower primary filter on the optical lens side of the reflector path must be checked at all times. There must be no water or oil, otherwise the lens will become contaminated. The user must improve the air supply to make it up to standard.
5. Check the protective gas of the external light path, chiller, cooling water circuit, and air compressor once a week. And drain the filter once a week.

Precautions of Using CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

1. When focusing, all parts should not block the CO2 laser light path to avoid burns.
2. The operator should well understand the operation specifications of CO2 laser CNC cutter to avoid dangerous situations caused by irregular operation during the processing.
3. After turning on the CO2 laser CNC cutting machine, no one should be in front of the machine console.
4. It is forbidden to stack flammable and explosive materials around the machine to avoid fire.
5. Turn off the laser or shutter when the CO2 laser CNC machine is not working.
6. When abnormality is found in the processing, stop the machine immediately and find a professional for overhaul.