Do you know how to properly install a CNC router?

Machine installation process:

  • Place the engraving machine on a level surface. And it is recommended to use a level to adjust the table to a level.


  • The suction pipe brackets are respectively fixed to the sides of the Z-axis head and the bed bracket.
  • If a water-cooled spindle is used, water is required to be filled into the tank.
  • A total of four power lines on the rear of the engraving machine are connected to the three-phase power, and the root black line needs to be connected to the zero line. And check if the pump is working properly. Pull out the water outlet to see if there is water flowing out.


  • The brush cover with the brush is inserted from the bottom of the spindle, and the position can be adjusted for it is mainly to achieve a good vacuuming effect.
  • Install a suction pipe. There are three suction pipes, two of which are long and thin, and one section is thick and long. The long one need to be connected to the vacuum cleaner. There are three suction ports of the vacuum cleaner, one of which is equipped with a sealing cover and the other two are the connecting head. If you only need one, you can seal the other one with tape.


Vacuum pump installation

  • Install the vacuum pump on a flat surface and bolt it through the bolt holes.
  • Make a few rounds of sealing joints of the filter with sealing tape to ensure the tightness of the joint between them.
  • Inject water from the inlet until water flows out of the outlet. After a period of use, the amount of water will decrease, and the water temperature will increase. Therefore, the operator needs to pay attention to adding water until the water outlet overflows and the water temperature does not exceed 80 degrees.


Vacuum cleaner installation

  • Firstly, please install according to the illustration outside the box.
  • Connect three-phase power, and ensure that the vacuum bag must be open after startup.
  • Test machine operation:After the devices are ready, take out the suction tube of the engraving machine from the rear of the bracket and insert it into the suction port of the vacuum pump, and tighten it. Then turn on the machine and keep the machine and parts being open state. After the adsorption zone switches on, we should make the work piece on the table surface is firmly adsorbed in the adsorption zone; And after the dust cover is opened, test whether the pipe has suction by our hand; shake the handle to reset the machine and then make the machine move normally. If all of the above tests are normal which proves that the machine is working properly.

The above is the installation notes of the CNC routers. Have you learned it?

If you have the problem after receiving the machine, please feel free to leave a message for us.