Our Factory Ushered in Russian Customer

Our factory ushered in Russian customer (1)

Today, the weather in our factory is very good. On this sunny day, we ushered Russian customer. As shown in the picture, we have a Russian sale professional to accompany us.

We understand that customers are doing furniture, and customers are very serious about watching our machines. The customer have very clear machines that he want. He see our 1530 ATC CNC machine, and 1515 CNC machine. Through our engineers’ demonstration of the machine engraving process and the professional explanations of our sales, the customer finally chose to purchase the 1515 CNC machine.

Our factory ushered in Russian customer (4) Our factory ushered in Russian customer (5)

After the visit, we talked with the customer in the office and discussed some details. Our machines can be customized and improved according to the needs of our customers. The customers have asked for his needs. We have recorded them one by one and provided detailed answers for our customers.

If you also want to buy a CNC machine for your factory, but have not found the model you want, please contact us, we can customize a machine that you are satisfied with.