How to choose a suitable CNC router(1)?

To choose the right CNC router, we have to start by knowing the CNC router machine.

Introduction of the ordinary CNC router

Working principle of the ordinary CNC router

Through the controller of the computer, the main body of the CNC router is controlled to generate the engraving path of the X, Y and Z axes to realize the relative movement of the tool and the work piece and complete the machining of the work piece fixed on the work surface.

Classification of CNC router:

However, due to the different requirements of various industries, the application of the CNC router and the internal configuration are also very different. Blue Elephant CNC brings you to know different kinds of CNC engraving machines.

ATC CNC router

The ATC CNC router is a major classification of CNC engraving machine, which represents the highest technology cnc machine equipment, and is the final trend of the development of CNC routers. It has a separate magazine that automatically replaces the required tool during machining of the work piece without stopping work. Automatically select different tools when engraving complex patterns, greatly improving work efficiency.

ATC CNC Router

Advertising CNC router

The advertising CNC router is mainly used for the engraving machine in the advertising industry. It is divided into large engraving machine and small engraving machine according to the working area. Smaller worktops are mainly used for the processing of small-format materials such as two-color board lettering or signage. The relatively large work surface is mainly used for PVC cutting, billboard making, light boxes, mini words and luminous characters.

Woodworking CNC router

Woodworking CNC router is a big classification, which can be roughly divided into: wooden door CNC router, furniture CNC router, handicraft CNC router and wood CNC router. The wooden door engraving machine is mainly used in the wood door, cabinet door, wardrobe door industry, and the configuration is higher than the ordinary woodworking engraving machine. Because of the loading and unloading problem, it is generally equipped with a vacuum adsorption table. Furniture CNC routers are mainly used in the production of European furniture, modern furniture, antique furniture, and office furniture. In order to improve processing efficiency, there are usually multiple spindle motors. Crafts CNC router can be called embossing engraving machine, generally equipped with 4-10 heads, multi-head processing, reducing costs and improving production efficiency.

Multi-head cnc router

EPS CNC router

The EPS CNC router specializes in processing foam. It belongs to light CNC machine tools, and the rigidity and precision requirements of foam engraving machines are slightly lower than those of heavy metal cutting machines. The foam model CNC router is suitable for the production of foam products such as sculpture, film and television wedding stage props and EPS components.

Cylindrical CNC router

Cylindrical CNC router is mainly used for processing wood for 3D or three-dimensional engraving, such as, Buddha statue, Roman column, gourd and so on.

Stone CNC router

Stone CNC router is mainly used in the processing of ceramic tiles, bluestone, artificial stone, granite, sand and other stone tombstones, stone monuments, background walls, merits, floor tiles, etc.

Defining the working nature of the CNC router

Finally, do not think that all engraving work can be done with one CNC router. The manufacturer divides the CNC router machine into various specifications and models, in order to deal with various processing tasks. For example, if you buy a mold-level engraving machine to sculpt a two-color board, or buy a large engraving machine to engrave the seal, which will cause a huge waste, and will not get good effect. Similarly, if you buy an advertising CNC router to make a mold, you may not complete the process at all. Therefore, you must determine the working content of the machine before purchasing, including the size of the work piece, the material of the material, the thickness of the material, and the final engraving effect.

As a professional CNC router manufacturer in China, Blue Elephant CNC has all kinds of CNC engraving machines to meet your various production needs. In addition, we will continue to update the corresponding machine purchase guide, please continuously follow that how to choose the suitable cnc router(2).