Feedback from India—4×8 ft CNC Router Woodmaking Machine

This time, we bring a new feedback and some samples of 4×8 ft CNC router woodmaking machine to you. And those images were shared by one of our good friends and customers. Our machine has been exported to over more than 80 countries around the world. So our customers come from various of countries. And this time, our customer came from India who customized a set of 1325 CNC router woodmaker machinery from our factory.

Feedback from India-4x8 ft CNC router woodmaking (1)

When he received his ordered machine, installing machine was the first thing that he should do. And he shared this news to us. After the machine was checked and tested, it begin to its duty of working. Go to next for another work. Nice, right?

Feedback from India-4x8 ft CNC router woodmaking (2)

Different kinds of wooden materials would to be processed. As you can see from the following image, the material was processed into various of shapes and works. By the way, all the shapes and patterns can be made and designed by yourself. Then, CNC machine let your ideas enter into our daily life.

Feedback from India-4x8 ft CNC router woodmaking (3)

There was no doubt that this customer was satisfied with our machine. And the most important thing was that he was willing to introduce his good friends to order and purchase machine from us.

Feedback from India—4x8 ft CNC Router Woodmaking Machine

Thanks for trusting us, for trusting Blue Elephant. If you have the same needs like them, welcome to contact with us.