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Application Project of CNC Router in Mold Industry

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  • Mold industry

    The wood CNC router plays an important role in the mold production process. The use of CNC engraving machine processing technology can not only ensure the accuracy of the mold, but also facilitate the convenient and efficient design and processing of the mold. Therefore, the engraving machine is the first choice processing equipment in the mold processing industry.
    CNC equipment in the mold industry mainly reflects the engraving of various wood and foam. This processing has also been widely used in the woodworking industry, such as furniture embellishment, plane carving of large-area boards, carving of solid wood, mahogany and other furniture.
    In addition, the engraving machine can also be used in precision mold industry, toy industry, crafts and other industries. It can be used to process copper electrodes, stamping molds, hot stamping molds, hardware molds, glue molds, rubber molds, etc. And it is also used in watch and eyewear accessories.
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