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Application of CNC router in stone carving industry

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Stone carving industry

The CNC engraving machine realizes the mechanized and automated production of stone carving products, and greatly improves the processing efficiency, so it is more and more popular in the stone carving industry. As we all know that the CNC engraving machine is a product of the combination of traditional engraving technology and modern CNC technology. It inherits the fine, light and flexible operation characteristics of traditional engraving. At the same time, it uses the automation technology in modern CNC machining and is widely used in the stone carving industry.

The processing materials mainly involved in the stone carving industry include granite, marble, artificial stone, sandstone and other kinds of stone materials. The application of the engraving machine in the stone carving industry is mainly reflected in the processing functions of stone lettering, stone relief, stone male carving, stone female carving, stone wire carving, stone cutting and stone hollowing. The application of engraving machines in the stone carving industry mainly involves stone carvings of characters and animals, such as celebrity statues, Buddha statues, stone lions, etc. In addition, some stone carvings related to daily necessities include tables, chairs, stools, coffee tables, lamps, ink-stones, etc.

Application pictures of the Stone carving industry
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