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Musical instrument industry

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Musical instrument industry

Many musical instruments are mainly made of wooden materials, such as violin, guzheng, erhu, guitar, huqin, matouqin, banhu, coconut and other bowed string instruments and percussion instruments such as clapper, wooden fish, castanets, drums and so on. For these musical instruments, the CNC engraving machine can be easily realized by virtue of its own processing advantages.

In view of the characteristics of musical instrument products, we provide users with complete processing solutions, from CNC programming, card installation program, tool selection, processing technology, etc., to assist users in improving product quality and improving production efficiency, but also for users reducing processing costs and wining greater profit margins.

The application of the CNC engraving machine in the musical instrument industry is manifested in engraving the three-dimensional curved surface of the musical instrument, cutting the appearance, and carving the patterns and fonts.

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