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The laser etching machine is a versatile process machine. Almost any metal can use it, such as aluminum, anodized aluminum, lead, etc. Besides, it is also good at etching glass, acrylic, wood, etc. It can generate black, white and shades of gray. Technically, a laser engraving machine is also a laser etch machine, the only difference is the intensity of the laser beam.

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Laser Etching Machine

Laser etching machine is also called laser engraving machine in the laser machine industry. Whether it is on machine structure, or processing principle, processing material, application industry, laser etching machine is very similar to laser engraving machine. Both laser machines can process metal and a variety of non-metal materials. And they are more popular in the processing of some products requiring fine and high precision.

What is a laser etching machine?

Laser etching machine refers to the use of a high-energy laser beam to etch line grooves with a line width of 10-505 microns and a depth of 5-001 microns on the surface of the material. And the main components of the laser etching machine include the light path system, control system, positioning system, stabilization system, mechanical movement system, adsorption purification system, and other major components. The processing technology of the laser etching machine mainly includes cutting, engraving, etching, drilling, and so on. And it is usually used in touch screens, solar photovoltaic industry, and military industry.

Processing material of laser etching machine

The materials that the laser etching machine can process include ordinary metals, alloys, rare metals, and non-metallic materials. Common metal materials include carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized sheet, etc. Alloy metals include all metals such as iron, copper, aluminum, magnesium, and zinc. Rare metals include gold, silver, titanium, and other materials. In addition, it can process some metal oxides and some special surface treatments including aluminum anodization, electroplating surface, etc. Non-metallic materials include ABS materials, inks, epoxy resins, etc.

What can the laser etching machine do

Laser etching machines can be widely used in hardware tools, auto parts, sanitary ware, medical equipment, communication equipment, glasses, watches, and other industries. Laser etching machines are also very popular in the instrumentation, bamboo, apparel, food, beverage, packaging, and handicraft industries.

In addition, the application field of laser etching machine also involves electronic components, integrated circuits, electrical appliances, communication products, signs, sanitary ware, hardware products, tool accessories, precision equipment, jewelry, luggage buckles, knives, locks, cooking utensils, PVC pipes, and other industries.

Processing characteristics of laser etching machine

The processing advantages of laser etching machines are similar to other laser machines. As we all know that laser machines all use non-contact processing. And it has the advantages of a high degree of flexibility, fast processing speed, no noise, and a small heat-affected zone. With the above advantages, it can realize the good drilling, engraving, etching, and cutting effects. Especially when it interacts with some materials such as polyamide, the processing effect is better. Because this processing is the cold processing of photochemical action. This processing method can achieve a non-carbonized processing effect.

Difference between the laser etching machine and laser engraving machine

  1. The processing principle is different. The laser engraving machine uses the burning of a laser beam to vaporize a part of the surface of the medium to achieve the processing effect. And the laser etching machine uses redox reactions between substances to achieve material dissolution.
  2. The processing effect is different. As far as processing technology is concerned, laser engraving mainly performs very shallow processing on many metal media and certain denser materials. Deep engraving cannot be achieved yet. The depth of the etching machine can basically be as desired. And combined with the painting process, it can also achieve the color and multicolor modification.
  3. The scope of application is different. The laser engraving machine has a wider application range. And it can engrave and mark most of the materials. But the laser etching machine mainly processes metal materials.
  4. The process flow is different. The laser engraving process is simple and the process is few. The laser etching process has more processes and more details.
  5. The production efficiency is different. A laser engraving machine is suitable for small batch engraving or marking. The laser etching process is more suitable for mass production.
  6. The accuracy is different. Generally speaking, the accuracy of the etching process is higher, combined with the photoresist process, the accuracy can reach 0.01 mm.