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Hobby CNC Router

A hobby CNC router is specially designed for small-sized woodworking. Standard worktable sizes include 2’x3’, 2’x4’, and 4’x4’. Its excellent processing precision enables it to be good at cutting and carving wood, acrylic, and plastic advertising signs, letters, logos, double-colored boards, and also guitar, Erhu, or other string instruments. Based on your needs, you can add a rotating spindle, ATC, or other higher configurations.

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What is a hobby CNC router?

A hobby CNC router is also called a small CNC router, desktop CNC router, home CNC router, Mini CNC router. Compared with other ordinary CNC router machines, this hobby CNC machine has a relatively small size. And it’s mainly including 600×900 mm and 1200×1200 mm. This type of small CNC machine has a compact structure and a small footprint. Therefore, it is easy to move and use. And this hobby CNC router adopts advanced industrial numerical control operation software and typesetting processing software to complete various processing requirements on the small workpiece of users. Therefore, the hobby CNC router is popular among woodworking enthusiasts and in the advertising industry.

The main classification of hobby CNC router 

From the perspective of processing functions, a hobby CNC router is mainly including low-power small CNC machine and high-power small CNC machine.

The low-power engraving machine refers to the CNC engraving machine with a small motor power which generally from 80W to 200W. Because of its small motor power, it can only be used for fine processing with fewer engraving surfaces at a time such as badges, sand table models, surface processing of crafts, etc.

A high-power small CNC router refers to the engraving machine whose engraving motor power is above 700W. This type of mini CNC machine can not only perform low-power engraving, but also high-power engraving.

Therefore, it can be used in the production of crystal characters, various types of advertising signs, irregular cutting of plates, artificial stone processing, etc.

From the appearance structure, this type of hobby CNC machine mainly contains a conventional hobby CNC machine and desktop CNC router. This type of conventional hobby CNC machine has a similar bed structure to ordinary CNC wood router. What we are focusing on is this type of desktop CNC router.

This type of desktop CNC machine has a table-type bed. And the overall height is lower than that of the ordinary wood CNC router. This feature has particularly obvious advantages in packaging and transportation. Therefore, it is convenient to pack and transport. And it can also save users more costs to a certain extent.

Processing advantages of hobby CNC router

1. Diverse processing materials

The small CNC router is currently on the market. And it can adapt to many materials such as solid wood, composite panels, aluminum-plastic panels, PVC, acrylic panels, and so on.

2. Precise processing technology
The small CNC machine can handle hollows, reliefs, etc. And it is suitable for high-precision engraving. At present, it can engrave numbers and English letters with an accuracy of 1 mm. And it also can engrave a man with a size of 2 mm, and the engraving surface is smooth and burr-free.

3. Wide range of application industries
In daily life, we can see products carved by hobby CNC router everywhere. For example, ceramic tiles, antique furniture, molds, handicrafts, architectural models, sign advertising, etc. Moreover, its application industries are quite extensive. And its market prospects are also very broad.

4.  High-cost performance
Compared with other wood CNC router, this hobby CNC router is very cost-effective. No need for high purchase costs, maintenance costs, and training costs. This hobby CNC router can meet the processing needs of users.

What can a hobby CNC machine do?

The hobby CNC machine is mainly used for engraving and milling of PVC, acrylic, two-color board, plastics, bakelite, solid wood, and soft-metal materials like graphite electrode processing. And it is also suitable for engraving PCB circuit boards, model molds, crafts, plastic boxes with limited specifications, aluminum alloy chassis, openings in the panel. Besides that, it also can do some processes like 3D engraving, drilling, and milling of metal materials such as aluminum alloy and copper.

In which industries can the hobby CNC router be applied?

Advertising industry: Hobby CNC router can process double-color plate lettering, signage making, PVC cutting, billboard making, mini word, and light word cutting, etc. And it can also do advertising signs, acrylic cutting, blister molding, logo production, and production of advertising products with multiple materials.

Woodworking industry: This hobby CNC router can make three-dimensional wave board processing, screens, cabinet doors, craft wooden doors, solid wood doors. And it can also do paint-free doors, craft fan window processing, shoe polishers, game machine cabinets and panels, mahjong tables, computer tables, and panel furniture processing.

Mold industry: This mini CNC router can engrave metal molds such as copper, aluminum, iron. And it can also process non-metal molds such as artificial marble, sand, plastic plates, PVC pipes, and wood panels.

Craft gift industries: It can engrave all kinds of large-scale reliefs and shadow carvings in the craft gift industry.

Metal products’ industry: Hobby CNC router can do copper and aluminum hollow cutting and engraving. And it mainly includes rail transit, electrical appliances, electric cabinet boxes, vehicles, curtain walls, architectural decoration, hardware products, aluminum parts.

Mold industry: mini CNC router can also process copper electrodes, punches, stainless steel badges, bronze medals, wax molds, etc.

4 main points of buying a hobby CNC router kit

1. Selection of format size.

Customers should choose the model and power of their hobby CNC router according to their business needs and financial status. The common processing sizes of small CNC machines include general small-format engraving machines such as 600 mm×600 mm, 600 mm×900 mm, and 120 mm×120 mm. Engraving two-color plates are the most basic application of small CNC machines. And it has good acceptance.

Large-format hobby CNC router machines include 1200 mm×1200 mm, 200 mm×1500 mm, 1500 mm×2400 mm, 2400 mm×3000 mm. And the feed width of the above models is more than 1350 mm. The size of plexiglass and PVC boards on the market are 1300 mm×2400 mm. Therefore, these models are more suitable for customers who need large-format hobby CNC router.

2. Selection of spindle motor.

The spindle is an important component of the hobby CNC router machine. And its performance has a vital influence on the performance of the hobby CNC router. Processing spindles are usually divided into precision processing spindles and high-power spindles.

The fine machining spindle motor has features of low noise, high speed, and height. And it is suitable for processing particularly fine workpieces, such as seals, nameplates, badges, and gifts. This type of motor is usually a high-speed variable frequency motor with small power, generally below 250W. The disadvantage is that the ability to cut thick materials is poor. Therefore, it is not suitable for cutting thick materials.

The high-power spindle motor is mainly doing the cutting and high-power engraving. It has features of high power and strong cutting ability. It is especially suitable for cutting space and three-dimensional characters. Of course, it can also make breastplates, nameplates, and seals.

3. The choice of control mode.

Control methods are mainly including three main methods. The first is that all computing tasks are completed under computer control. Under this control mode, the computer is in a working state when the hobby CNC router is working. And other typesetting work is not possible. This control method has high requirements for operating skills.

The second is to use a single-chip microcomputer control. This kind of controller can perform typesetting while the small CNC machine is working, but we can’t turn off the computer. Therefore, this control method is equivalent to saving a computer and reducing the influence caused by the wrong operation of the computer.

The third is the control method that uses the USB port to transmit data. The system has a memory capacity of more than 32M. As long as the file is saved, you can immediately leave and turn off the computer, or perform another typesetting. This way greatly improves the working efficiency of the engraving machine. The above three control methods have their own control characteristics. We can choose according to specific processing requirements.

4. The choice of the guide rail.

Large-format engraving machines are recommended to use widened imported square rails. The load capacity and accuracy retention capacity of this square rail are more than 30 times that of the round rail. Therefore, it can realize the high-quality and high-speed operation of the hobby CNC machine. In addition, if it is ordinary small-format processing, round rails are the most ideal choice.

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