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Digital Cutting Machine

Have trouble to find an ideal digital cutting machine or want to DIY a flatbed digital cutting plotter to design your CNC digital cutter planes, projects, and ideas? Here, we will offer you various digital cutting and printing machines with the best digital cutting system and digital cutter kits.

Digital cutting machine is an electronic system mainly designed to cut non-metallic and flexible materials like paper, leather, stencil, fabric, foam, MDF, wood, plastic, rubber, KT board, etc. Therefore, it can also be divided into digital fabric cutting machine, digital paper cutting machine, digital wood cutting machine, digital craft cutting machine, digital leather cutting machine, etc. In addition, it has very fast cutting speed up to 2000mm/s and high cutting precision up to 0.01mm. Hence, it is widely used in the decoration, advertising, garment, packing, and handicraft industries in countries from Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Oceania, etc.

Usually is is consisted of digital cutting table, oscillating knife, oblique knife, circular knife, punching knife, milling knife, and other cutting tool heads. CCD camera (digital CCD camera), projector, double cutter heads, and double-gantry are optional for more precise cutting. And digital cutter is also known as digital die cutting machine, flatbed digital cutter, digital die cutter, digital knife cutting machine, CNC oscillating knife cutting machine, etc.

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Digital Cutting Machine Buyer Guide

What is the Digital Cutting Machine?

The digital cutting machine is a CNC cutting equipment mainly used to process flexible materials. In the market, users have many names for the CNC digital cutter such as oscillating knife cutting machine, CNC knife cutting machine, CNC knife cutter, flatbed cutter, oscillating knife cutter, and so on. The digital cutting machine uses the high-frequency vibration of the blade to achieve the cutting purpose. It has processing advantages such as smooth incision, high cutting precision, fast cutting speed, and flexible processing. It is currently the most popular cutting equipment for flexible materials. The processed materials mainly include non-metallic flexible materials such as cloth, silk loop, leather, felt, carpet, silicone, rubber, KT board, and so on.

What is Digital Cutting?

Digital cutting technology allows precise cutting without the use of a die through a computer programmed path. With this method, you get all the benefits of traditional die-cutting and a large amount of material can be cut. You can use digital cutting for smaller-scale projects, but it does work for large format printing and jobs such as prominent signage and similar graphic devices.

Today, those using digital cutting often use innovative machines such as PK automatic intelligent cutting system we have at IECHO, PK automatic intelligent cutting system adopts an automatic vacuum suction cup and automatic lifting and feeding platform. Equipped with a variety of tools for fast and precise cutting, half-cutting, creasing, and marking. It is suitable for proofing and small-batch custom production in the sign, printing, and packaging industries. It is a cost-effective and intelligent machine for all your creative processing.

Parameters of CNC Digital Cutter for Sale

Model ELECNC-1337; ELECNC-2050ATC; ELECNC-2030ATC;  ELECNC-2030; etc.
Size 1300*3700mm; 2000*3000mm; 2000*5000mm
System Taiwan LNC; Syntec
Software Artcam, Alphcam, Type 3, Ucancam, Aspire, etc
Spindle Air cooling spindle; Water cooling spindle; ATC spindle (ISO30, HSK F63)
Price Range $5,000 - $32,000

Features of Digital Cutting Machine

  • The cutting speed is up to 2000 mm/s, which greatly improves the production efficiency. The processing efficiency of one digital cutter is equivalent to 10 workers.
  • Cutting precision reaches 0.01 mm, and the improvement of precision can maximize product quality and competitiveness.
  • Intelligent processing. Automatic cutting can realize the cutting effect by simply entering the graphic into the computer.
  • Adopt ultra-high frequency oscillating knife cutting technology to improve the standardization of cutting, cutting efficiency, and cutting speed.
  • The digital cutting machine can easily solve the time-consuming and labor-intensive problem of manual tool change. In addition, a feeding system and a receiving system can be added according to customer needs, which is more intelligent and labor-saving.
  • The digital cutter effectively solves the disadvantages such as scorching/peculiar smell and is more in line with environmental protection requirements and more in line with the needs of end-users.
  • The operation interface is simple and practical. This type of digital cutting machine can be easily operated without special training.
  • We can provide customized services according to different processing needs. And it is free to choose a CCD camera, projector, double cutter head, double gantry, working area, etc.

9 Advantages of Digital Cutting Machine

1. Digital cutting technology replaces the traditional manual knife cutting process and helps business save a lot of cost and time on CNC knife manufacturing, management, and storage in the product development process.
2. Multifunctional CNC digital cutting head design and multiple sets of highly integrated processing tools, can be used as a work unit for interactive cutting, punching, and scribing.
3. A flatbed digital cutter can realize CNC cutting of difficult and complex patterns, template cutting that cannot be achieved by molds, greatly expands the design space, makes the template attractive, and makes the design truly achievable.
4. The discharge function is good, the calculation system automatically discharges, accurate calculation, cost calculation, accurate management of material release, and truly realizes the digital zero inventory strategy.
5. Through projector projection or camera shooting, master leather outline and effectively identify leather defects. In addition, according to the natural grain of the leather, the digital cutting direction can be adjusted at will to increase output, reduce wastage and improve the effective utilization of materials.
6. It can realize the timely modification of the model, save the development time, quickly put the board, and quickly change the board to adapt to the fast and changeable market demand.
7. Using self-developed CAM software, the system optimizes the physical overcutting phenomenon of the tool, greatly restores the graphic outline, and brings a satisfactory cutting effect to customers.
8. Intelligent table compensation function: The flatness of the table is detected by a high-precision range finder, and the plane is corrected in real time through the software to ensure high-quality cutting effects.
9. Combined with the table detection function, realize the intelligent front and back graphic sleeve cutting function. Multi-task and efficient cycle cutting, can be equipped with more suction.

Digital Cutting Machine Types

In general, digital cutting machines can be divided into two main kinds- digital cutter and digital cutting machine with a CCD camera (also named the CCD camera patrol CNC router or edge patrol CNC router with the CCD camera system).

And the commercial digital die cutting machines for processing different flexible non-metallic materials, can be divided into digital fabric cutting machines (digital fabric cutter), digital gasket cutting machine, digital paper cutter (digital paper cutting machine, digital cutter for paper), digital wood cutting machine (digital wood cutter), digital craft cutting machine (digital cutting machines for crafts, digital craft cutter), digital carpet cutting machine, digital leather cutting machine, digital cardboard cutting machine, digital foam cutting machine, digital textile cutting machine, digital film cutting machine, digital vinyl cutting machine, etc.

And according to different parts configurations, the digital CNC cutting machine can have the following kinds: digital cutter with EOT-3 oscillating knife, ATC commercial digital cutting machine, automatic 4 axis digital die cutting machine, etc.

Special Functions of Digital Cutting Machine

Over-cutting optimization function. The digital cutter adopts self-developed CAM software. It can systematically optimize the physical over-cutting phenomenon of the tool. Restore the graphic outline to a large extent, to bring customers a satisfactory cutting effect.

Intelligent platform compensation function. The digital cutter detects the flatness of the platform through a high-precision distance detector. Then the plane is corrected in real-time through the software to ensure high-quality cutting results.

Positive and negative cutting function. Combined with the table detection function, the CNC knife cutter can realize the intelligent positive and negative graphic cutting function. Therefore, it can achieve multitask efficient cycle cutting.

What the Digital Cutting Machine can Do?

The finished product cut by the digital cutting machine has the characteristics of clean and tidy, smooth edges, accurate size of the cut pieces, no smell, and very environmental protection. In addition, this cutting method is not limited by the cutting pattern. With the function of automatic loading and unloading and intelligent typesetting, it can realize diversified cutting effects. Therefore, this oscillating machine is popular in all walks of life.

Especially in the advertising industry and clothing industry, this digital cutting machine is very popular. The digital cutting machines can mainly cut non-metallic materials such as leather, cloth, paper, and foam. Besides that, it also can do the processing of flexible materials such as car interiors and floor mats. The finished product is clean and neat, the edges are smooth, and the pieces are accurate, odorless, and environmentally friendly. Therefore, it is also the first choice for many companies

The Application Industry of the Digital Cutting Machine

Automobile Industry

In the production and processing of automotive interior products, the oscillating knife cutting machine can effectively cut products of different models. And it is suitable for cutting car mats, trunk mats, leather covers, seat covers, cushions, and other materials.

Graphics Industry

Outdoor advertising, traffic signs, fleet graphics, exhibits, illuminated signage, store décor, decals, floor graphics, airbus, graphics gallery, zebra graphics, etc.

Advertising/Packaging Industry

The CNC knife cutting machine has functions such as rapid positioning recognition, automatic edge finding, and cutting. And it is widely used in the cutting of KT board, Chevron board, self-adhesive, corrugated paper, honeycomb board, and other materials in the advertising industry and packaging industry.

Garment Industry

For the garment industry, especially the cutting of high-end customized garments, the digital cutting machine has processing advantages. The cutting speed is fast. The corners are flexible, and the cut fabrics have no snagging advantages. Therefore, all these make the digital cutting machine popular among users in the apparel industry.

Leather Industry

Shoes, garments, decoration, handbags, briefcases, car seats, airplane seats, etc.

Textile Industry

Garments, airbags, flags, sun shades/umbrellas, car and airplane seats, etc.

Handicraft Industry

The handicraft industry involves many processing materials. Especially in the processing technology of composite materials, the CNC knife cutting machine replaces the manual cutting technology in the production process of traditional composite products. Especially for special-shaped workpieces, as well as irregular patterns and other complex sample cutting, the digital cutting machine greatly improves production efficiency and material utilization.

Composite Industry

Defense, wind turbines blades, helicopters rotor blades, aircraft parts, auto parts, etc.

Specialty Industry

Adhesives, gaskets, PVB films, architectural models, foam models, wood finishes, floor coverings, foils, dials, etc.

How Much is the Digital Cutting Machine Price?

The digital cutter price generally ranges from $5,000 to $32,000. And the cheapest digital cutter for sale is 1337 digital fabric cutting machine with the price of $5,000 to $8,000. While the most expensive flatbed digital cutter ATC CNC oscillating machine with the price of $27,000 to $32,000.

In addition, we support our customers to diy digital cutting machine or customize digital cutting machine themselves. But you should know that the bigger the size, the higher the digital cutting machine price; and the better the flatbed digital cutting parts, the higher the digital cutter cost.

For the most common digital cutting machines or the CNC digital cutters with the simplest configurations, the digital cutting machine cost ranges from $3,000 to $12,000. And for the high-end ATC CNC digital cutting machine, the price will reach to $27,000. For the most advanced 4 axis CNC digital cutter, the price will be more than $30,000.

How to Buy the Best Digital Cutting Machine?

As a beginner or people who has little knowledge of the CNC oscillating knife cutting machines. How to buy the best digital cutter for sale becomes a tough problem. As I see, purchasing a suitable flatbed digital cutter requires three stages: preparing stage, comparing stage, and purchasing stage.

In the first preparing stage, you should take out that how big and how thick your cut material is. Then you will have inspirations to design your own best flatbed digital cutter. For example, it is much easier for you to find the most fitful spindle, motor, drive, control system, and software.

Then, it comes to the second stage - comparison. After knowing clearly what kind digital cutting machine you want, people usually find some digital cutter manufacturers with similar strength. And they may take the digital cutter types, digital cutter quality, digital cutting machine price, and service as references. Besides, they will also consult their salemen online.

And in the last stage, customers will consider to buy a flatbed digital cutting machine and place an order.

How to Choose a Digital Cutting Machine Supplier?

Factory Production Scale

First of all, the size of the factory shows the strength of a manufacturer to a certain extent. For example, the factory has a large production area, which shows from the side that the manufacturer has a large number of orders, frequent business exchanges, and many cooperation partners. It proves that it is a reliable and powerful manufacturer.

Machine Accessories

Parts are the smallest units that make up a digital cutter machine, and they are also the most basic and important parts. A criterion for observing whether a manufacturer is a high-quality manufacturer is to see which CNC parts brand they cooperate with and what kind of machine parts they use. Because only a good digital cutter provider will use famous brand, good quality, and high price machine parts.

Technology and Innovation

Technology and innovation ability is also an important evaluation index to test whether the manufacturer of a digital die cutting machine can develop stably in the long run. Only manufacturers with strong technology and innovation ability can produce excellent machines with more types, more complete functions, and better solutions to customer needs.

After-sales Service

After-sales service is also an important criterion for checking the success of a flatbed digital cutting machine manufacturer. Customers are very concerned about the after-sales service of the CNC digital cutter manufacturer, because the digital cutting machine price is not very cheap. So the digital cutter must be maintained and repaired frequently if it is to be used for a long time. At this time, after-sales service is particularly important. If a CNC supplier of the flatbed digital cutter has the ability to provide timely, professional, and patient after-sales service support, then you can choose without hesitation.

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