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Panel Saw Machine

The horizontal panel saw machine is mainly for cutting various wooden panels and sheets. It takes more space but easier to use than vertical ones. The panel sizing machine mainly includes the computer beam saw (computer CNC panel saw) and the sliding table saw.
Our computer beam saw, also know as panel dividing saw or panel sizing saw, can cut wooden panels with a thickness up to 100mm and the length up to 3700mm with high speed and excellent accuracy. The computer beam saw is the most effective method of precise panel cutting with modern software that allows the saw to gain maximum yields from the materials.

Sliding table saw makes cutting tasks easier and safer. It can cut panels at certain angles (22.5°, 45°, 90°) and can also make right-angle and inclined grooves.

If you are looking for sliding table saws, computer controlled horizontal wood saws, panel saws, beam saws, panel sizing centers or an alternatives of vertical panel saws, please read on our site or come to us for latest prices and more details, suggestions.

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What is a Panel Saw Machine?

The panel saw machine refers to any type of sawing machine used to cut sheets into sized parts. It is designed to cut large panels of wood, MDF, plywood, melamine, etc. into small sections. The panel saw machine uses a rotating circular saw blade to size the panels.

With the large-scale application of panel furniture in the construction and decoration industries, traditional saws can no longer meet the needs of mass production and complex processes. The traditional sawing process has low work efficiency, poor precision, and consumes a lot of labor. However, the advent of panel saw machines has greatly improved work efficiency, making it quick and precise to saw wood. At present, combined with CNC technology, the CNC panel saw machine makes the entire cutting process fully automated. It can meet the needs of various wood cutting projects.

The panel saw machine is also called the panel cutting machine, panel cutting saw, panel table saw, wood panel saw machine, panel saw cutting machine, etc.

Classification of the panel saw machine

The panel saw for sale basically includes the horizontal panel saw and the vertical panel saw for sale according to the machine structure.
A horizontal panel saw works in a very similar way to common table saws. The wooden panels are put horizontally on the table and pushed forward to be cut by the rotating saw blades. We also call the horizontal panel saw the sliding table saw, sliding panel saw, precision panel saw, woodworking panel saw, etc.
The trend of the sliding table saw as auxiliary production equipment is becoming more and more obvious. And factories need a panel saw machine with more flexible and convenient operation and occupies less space. Then, the vertical panel saw machine comes into being. The most notable feature of this panel saw machine is small footprint. Woodworking shops use it to cut wood panels such as fiberboard, particleboard, multi-layer boards, and solid wood materials (up to 60mm).
In terms of the control mode, a panel saw machine falls into the semi-automatic panel cutting machine and the CNC panel saw.
Both vertical and horizontal panel saw belong to the semi-automatic type. Because they need to manually adjust the cutting angle, saw blade angle, and other cutting parameters.
Combined with the computer numerical control technology, the computer panel saw makes the panel cutting work fully automatic and more precise. We can also call the CNC panel saw machine as the panel sizing machine, panel dividing saw, computer beam saw, etc.
Blue Elephant currently provides two types of horizontal panel saw: sliding table saw and computer panel saw machine. The former is requires manual feeding, and the latter is a CNC panel saw, having a high level of automation. Both of them can provide high-performance cutting operations.

Sliding table saw

The sliding table saw or precision panel saw is a type of horizontal beam saw used to size boards in woodworking industries. It is widely used to cut various boards, such as wood boards, PVC boards, and wood-based panels. The operating process of the sliding panel saw for sale requires manual pushing of the boards. So it is the best panel saw for small shops or auxiliary cutting boards to supplement the mass production.

How does the sliding panel saw machine work?

A sliding panel saw mainly consists of the following parts:

Base frame, major saw, grooving saw, guide baffles, fixed worktable, sliding table, bracket, etc.

The horizontal panel saw for sale uses two saw blades, namely the main saw blade and the grooving saw blade to cut the panels. During the cutting process, the grooving saw cuts a groove of 1-2mm deep at the bottom surface of the panel in advance. Besides, the groove is 0.1-0.2mm wider than the thickness of the main saw blade. This ensures that the cutting edges will not tear after the main saw blade cuts along the groove, so as to obtain good sawing quality.

The main saw blade of the horizontal panel saw has a diameter of about 300-400mm and a rotating speed of 3000-6000r/min. In addition, the diameter of the panel saw machine grooving saw blade is small, usually about 120mm. The groove saw is often driven by a separate motor. Its rotating speed is generally above 9000r/min, and the cutting speed is 56-60m/s. Besides, the distance between the main saw blade and the grooving saw blade is generally about 100mm. The grooving saw blade shall be aligned with the main saw blade in the same vertical plane.
When cutting panels, the grooving saw blade and the main saw blade of the panel saw machine is fixed. One operator needs to push forward the sliding worktable made of aluminum with a wooden panel on it to realize the cutting work. Because of the special structure of the sliding table guide, it is light and effortless to push manually, and the processing accuracy is very high.

Major functions of a sliding table saw

The sliding panel saw can saw many panels, like plywood, particleboard, fiberboard, veneer, laminated board, backboard, spliced solid wood board, plastic board, etc.

Its major functions include longitudinal section, cross-section, and angled cutting. Besides, it can also make grooves at any angle (e.g. 22.5°, 45°, 90°). This can be realized by adjusting the angle and height of the panel saw machine blade. At the same time, the panel saw machine can also saw all kinds of insulating plates, thin aluminum plates, and aluminum profiles.

Features of a sliding table saw

  1. Humanized design. The panel saw machine adopts a humanized design, and its sliding table adopts a widened design. This makes the wood sawing operation quite easy and labor-saving. It ensures a quick, accurate, and smooth cutting process.
  2. Pure copper motor. The panel table saw adopts a high-quality panel saw kit. For example, the pure copper motor is powerful and can effectively increase the sawing speed.
  3. Stable machine bed structure. The machine bed structure of the panel saw machine is made of fine steel. It has the characteristics of high precision, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance, making the fuselage relatively firm.
  4. Intelligent processing function. From the overall point of view, the sliding panel saw machine adopts a retractable design, and the body can be retracted according to actual production needs. It can be enlarged or reduced at will to adapt to the processed workpieces.
  5. High processing precision. The panel saw machine adopts an imported round bar guide rail and other high-accuracy and best panel saw kit. All these can effectively improve the sawing accuracy of the equipment.
  6. Wide range of applications. sliding table panel saw has wide applications in lumber mills, furniture factories, board factories, and other occasions.

Parameters of Blue Elephant precision panel table saw

Models ELE 6132Y ELE H45E
Dimensions 3200x2540x900mm 3200x2540x900mm
Sliding table size 3200x375mm 3200x375mm
Main saw diameter 300mm 300mm
Auxiliary saw diameter 120mm 120mm
Main saw speed 4000/6000rmp 4000/6000rmp
Auxiliary saw speed 7000rmp 7000rmp
Main motor power 5.5kW 5.5kW

Computer panel saw for sale

The computer beam saw, also the computer panel saw, is a type of panel saw machine combining computer numerical control technology. Different manufacturers may refer it to as panel sizing machine, panel dividing saw, automatic panel sizing saw, or panel sizing center.

It adopts fully automatic computer control and man-machine integration operation. Operators need to input the required data on the touch screen. Then the panel cutting saw runs automatically to accurately cut the panels.

With the rapid development of the furniture industry, the precision requirements for panel cutting saw are getting higher and higher. The disadvantages of manual panel saw machines are becoming more obvious: insufficient precision, chipping, faults, work injuries, low efficiency, etc. The birth of the computer panel table saw for sale has just effectively solved these concerns.

Major functions of a CNC computer beam saw

CNC panel saw is a woodworking cutting machine that adopts high-definition touch screen control and man-machine integrated operation. The operator inputs the data on the touch screen and starts the machine. Then the CNC beam saw machine automatically runs to cut the sheets.

The computer CNC panel cutting saw can process panel materials of various lengths and thicknesses. Blue Elephant intelligent CNC beam saw series can cut wooden panels with a maximum length of 3700mm and a maximum thickness of 100mm.

The CNC panel saw machine can cut density boards, particle boards, fiber boards, gypsum boards, large core boards, light guide boards, aluminum boards, aluminum-plastic boards, solid wood, and other boards.

The automatic panel saw offers the same benefits as other types of CNC machinery. For companies that produce a high volume of panels, the most important benefits  of the panel saw machine are excellent repeatability across large production runs. And, when the saw has a large table, it is able to produce panels at a high rate of speed.

The height and angle of the main saw of a sliding table panel saw machine is adjusted manually by the handle. It takes a long time and is not easy to control excellent precision and stability. However, with CNC control, you only need to input the height and angle value of the main saw to the system and press the start button. The computer beam saw will adjust automatically and the precision can reach 0.1mm and 0.1°.

Features of computer beam saw

High efficiency

The plywood panel saw can complete the aligning, cutting, feeding, and discharging work automatically. Operators just need to set the parameters on the computer and load the boards onto the table. The cutting thickness reaches up to 100mm, so a panel sizing machine can cut 4 layers of wooden boards of 25mm at the same time. This significantly improves the cutting efficiency compared with the sliding saw machine. It is the best panel saw for mass cutting wooden boards by large-sized panel furniture manufacturers. 

Excellent cutting precision

The computer panel cutting saw adopts mechanical arms to clamp the wooden boards and a high precision servo system to control the feeding precision. Besides, the panel saw machine also uses square precise guide rails to ensure the operation accuracy of the saw carrier. All the best panel saw kit not only guarantees excellent cutting precision but also increases working efficiency.

High utilization rate

One of the biggest advantages of the computer table panel saw is that the utilization rate of the board is relatively high. According to the requirements of customers, the specifications of the single board can be automatically formed into the size required by the sample. And then the software of the panel saw machine will optimize the cutting layout and combination.

Safe and correct operation

The plywood panel saw works automatically without human intervention. Compared with traditional saws or panel saw machines, it is safer and avoids errors caused by human calculation or input errors. This also avoids unnecessary losses.

Simple operation

With a reliable control system, the interface of a CNC panel cutting machine is concise and easy to use. A single operator can potentially manage two or more machines at once. It has a complete guidance and warning alarm to help revise malfunctions. It also can edit or simulate saw-cutting programs through compatibility with the optimization software, barcode management software, and automation software.

Parameters of Blue Elephant intelligent computer panel saw machine

Model ELE-280 ELE-330 ELE-380
Overall dimension 5400x5300x1800mm 5900x5800x1800mm 6400x6300x1800mm
Cutting length 2700mm 3300mm 3700mm
Cutting thickness 100mm 100mm 100mm
Forward speed of carriage 100m/min 100m/min 100m/min
Backward speed of carriage 150m/min 150m/min 150m/min
Auto feeding speed 100m/min 100m/min 100m/min
Main saw motor power 15kW 15kW 16kW
Groove saw motor power 2.2kW 2.2kW 2.2kW
Total power 23kW 23kW 23kW

How to operate a computer panel saw machine?


  • Clean all the tools and sundries on the computer panel saw before starting the machine.
  • Check if the lubrication system, dust collection system, and cable connection  of the panel saw machine are normal.
  • Check if the main saw blade and auxiliary saw blade are in the same straight line. In case that the sawteeth are worn, replace the saw blade in time and pay attention to the rotating direction when replacing it.
  • Run the panel saw machine idling for 2 minutes and start cutting work after every part works normally.


  • Check if the cutting saws of the panel dividing saw are at the home position first.
  • Set the cutting parameters on the control panel according to your actual processing demands.
  • Select the mechanical parameters, such as work mode, cutting speed, panel length, and width, on the control screen of the panel saw machine.
  • Turn on the saw blades and draught fan of the panel saw machine and start the cycle mode.
  • Put the wooden panels in position and start the cutting work. The CNC beam saw can input the required sizes of 10 groups of different raw materials at a time until all the raw materials are cut.
  • Inspect the first finished product to see if it meets the processing standards based on the drawings or technical requirements. You can start the mass cutting work if it meets all standards.

After operation:

  • Cut off the power supply of the computer panel saw machine.
  • Clean the waste and chips on the computer beam saw timely.
  • Supplement the lubricant and replace the worn saw blades in time.

How much does a panel saw machine cost?

The panel saw machine price varies greatly according to different machine types. Similar to other woodworking machines, the automatic CNC beam saw costs more than the semi-automatic panel saw machine. Besides, different specifications also lead to the different panel saw machine price even for the same model of the panel saw for sale.

Generally, a sliding table saw may cost you about $2,000 to $5,000 on average. However, the price of a computer-controlled panel sizing machine could be $20,000 to $35,000. We can tell from the price that the sliding panel table saw is quite popular in small shops. While large-sized panel furniture makers prefer the computer beam saw for its high-level automation.

Application of the panel saw machine

The panel saw machine is mainly for cutting and sizing the various wooden panels. For example, plywood, hardwood, MDF, particle boards, laminated boards, melamine boards, core boards, etc. It has extensive use in panel furniture production, decoration, construction, packaging, and other industries.

Small woodworking shops prefer the sliding table saw because it is cheap but efficient. It improves their work efficiency and productivity significantly compared with the manual circular saw. Besides, the cutting precision is higher.

However, for a large-scale manufacturer, the sliding panel table saw may not be able to meet the requirements for a large yield. So the best pane saw for large woodworking factories is the computer panel saw. It can be used individually merely for cutting panels. What’s more, the CNC panel saw can also be used in an automatic panel furniture production line together with other furniture making machines. For instance, side drilling machines, edge banding machines, vacuum press machines, etc.

How to maintain a panel saw machine?

  1. The panel saw machine will generate a lot of waste and dust when cutting wooden panels. So it is necessary to regularly clean the dust and chips inside of the panel cutting saw to ensure the normal heat dissipation of the motor.
  2. It is also necessary to clean the dust inside the sliding guide of the sliding panel saw to guarantee smooth running.
  3. Regularly check the parts and components of the panel table saw. Timely tighten any loose screws or saw blades. If the belt is found to be worn, replace it in time.
  4. The long-term work of the wood panel saw will cause wear and tear to some components such as bearings, and then make noise. So, it is necessary to regularly lubricate the important parts of major parts to ensure the stable and quiet operation of the precision panel saw.
  5. Check whether the motor wiring is in good condition and whether the current of each fixed part and the grounding wire is normal. If you find any abnormality, seek professional maintenance in time.
  6. Be sure to use a dust collection system when operating the panel saw machine for sale.
  7. Be sure to run the panel saw machine in strict accordance with the operating procedures. Timely eliminate any failure or hidden danger found in the machine. Do not run the panel cutting machine when the failure or danger is not resolved.
  8. Make sure to cut off the main power of the industrial panel saw before conducting any maintenance or repair work.
  9. Clean the gears and racks once a week, and timely apply lubrication to the moving parts.
  10. Check daily if the water in the filter in the regulator filter of a CNC beam saw is completely drained.

Precautions when using a panel saw machine

  1. Be sure that the saw blade pad, nuts, and screws of each part of the panel saw machine is fastened. If there is any looseness, tighten them before starting the wood panel saw.
  2. Check whether the saw blades of the precision sliding table saw are sharp and flat, and whether the sawtooth is sharp. The sawtooth shall not have two missing teeth in a row, and the crack length shall not exceed 20mm. Replace the worn saw blade to avoid the cracking of the board skin, which affects the processing quality.
  3. Keep the panel saw machine idle running for 1 to 2 minutes to see if the table saw is running normally.
  4. Check the rotation direction of the saw blades to ensure that the rotation direction of the two saw blades is correct and in the same direction.
  5. Make sure that there are no tools, waste, or other sundries on the worktable before starting the panel saw machine. Always keep the worktable clean.
  6. Employees shall not put their hands into the pressure beam or open the back cover of the panel saw machine head to avoid accidents during operation.
  7. Before starting the CNC panel saw, carefully check whether the machine head and tool clamp are in the home position.
  8. Be sure to turn on the fan of the automatic panel saw during the cutting process.
  9. Put the wood panel in the right place to avoid cutting deviation whether using a sliding table saw or a computer panel saw.

Common failures and troubleshooting of a panel saw machine

1. It seems that the panel saw machine can't cut through the panels or that the panel surface turns black.


The saw blades of the panel saw machine may be worn or damaged. The belt slips, resulting in damage to the saw shaft or the motor. Try to replace the worn saw blade with a new one, and check if the belt may slip.

2. The sized panel is slightly smaller or bigger after replacing a new saw blade for the panel saw machine.


Check whether the parameter saw blade thickness is the same as the actual thickness of the saw blade. If different, change the actual thickness of the parameter saw blade.

3. It reads the saw blade rising timeout on the screen of the computer beam saw.


Check if the air pressure is 0.6MPA according to the operating procedures. If there is air leakage or insufficient air pressure, check whether the air pump pressure is normal.

4. The rear plate/front platen/rear platen rises, but the sensor fails to detect.


This may be caused by an offset of the sensor installation position, a damaged magnetic sensor, or a loose or broken air tube. Please try adjusting or replacing the magnetic sensor and air tube of the automatic panel saw machine.

5. The feed motor hits the safety limit when moving forwards or backward.


It may be caused by the wrong position of the clamping seat or improper operation of the panel saw machine. Try to manually and slowly feed the panels forward/backward to get then out of the backward/forward limit position to eliminate the fault.

6. The servo motor works abnormally.


It may be overload caused by the clamping seat hitting the limit switch at a high speed. Or, there may be something wrong with the servo driver. Please try to cut off the power supply for over 5 seconds before rebooting. Check the fault code displayed on the servo driver and eliminate the fault. Besides, you can also replace the servo driver of the panel sizing machine.

7. The inverter works abnormally.


It may be because the loose wire rope overloads the inverter output or the motor of the saw malfunctions. Please check and adjust the wire rope and check or replace the saw motor of the panel saw machine.