• Multi head can work alternately. The distance between the spindle is fixed and cannot be adjusted, which is equivalent to simple automatic tool change. do different work one by one.
  • Adopting important linear square orbit, stable working, high precision and long lifetime. Adopting imported ball-screw, high precision.
  • In fact, there are some similarities between ELECNC-1325 4 Spindles Wood CNC Router and this machine.
  • Intelligent control: LNC control system, it can continue to engrave after break.
  • Concerning auto tool/bit changing, there are another kind cnc machine for your reference, pls click: ATC CNC Router Machine.
  • Durable: the whole bed welded steel, strong, forceful, smooth rotation,no distortion after long high speed run, no shaking. And this is also the typical features of ELECNC-1530 Pneumatic System 3 Spindles CNC Router.
  • Please notice that all the specifications can be made and designed according to your special requirements.

Why do we design this pneumatic 4 spindle woodworking CNC router?
Sometimes we need more than 3 different tools to finish different engraving patterns during processing. in this case, the pneumatic 4 spindles wood CNC router can shorten the time of tool-changing and tool-setting.

Why do we design bi-zone for this pneumatic 4 spindle woodworking CNC router?
Because Time is Money.
Two working areas work in rotation. When the spindles are working on one working area, we could clean up another area, and put a new wood/MDF plate on it. There is also a type of Wooden Furniture CNC Machines.


Travel Size 1300*6000*200mm
Working Size 1300*2500*200mm for each zone
Control System Taiwan LNC control system
Spindles HQD air cooling spindles
Motors and Drivers Servo motors and drivers
Lubrication System Semi-automatic lubrication system
Wire High soft shield with copper wire to protect against static electricity
Tool Sensor Automatic tool sensor
Positioning Cylinder 12 sets
PS: All the working area and specifications can be customized according to your requests.