why we design this kind of machine?

  • Sometimes, we need more than 3 different tools to finish different engraving patterns in the processing.
  • Like ATC CNC Router, this kind of machine can shorten the time of tool-changing and tool-setting.
  • Multi head can work alternately. The distance between the spindle is fixed and cannot be adjusted, which is equivalent to simple automatic tool change.
  • all the specifications and working size can be customized according to your requirements.


  • Compared with 1325-2 Wood CNC Router with Double Heads, the amount of head can be added to three.
  • With Italy HSD air cooling spindle , and its speed can reach 18000rpm for per minutes.
  • With DSP control system, and its easy to operate.
  • Distinct from 4*8 2S Wood Working Machinery, the working size is more larger. Means-while, the working efficiency can be greatly improved.
  • With automatic oil mist cooling sprayer system to prolong the life of machine.
  • Adopting important linear square orbit, stable working, high precision and long lifetime.


  • 1600x6000x200 working area
  • 4.5Kw Italy HSD air cooling spindle ,18000rpm
  • 5.5 KW Taiwan DELTA inverter
  • DSP control system,
  • YASKAWA 850w servo motor and 1KW servo driver
  • Imported Taiwan HIWIN 20# Square Linear Guide,
  • Z axis Original Taiwan TBI ball screw Transmission,
  • Automatic oil mist cooling sprayer system
  • 5.5KW Air type vacuum pump
  • Vacuum and T-slot table
  • Separated control cabinet with two sides open
  • Manual Oil Lubrication system
  • Japan Ormon Limit Switch,
  • France Schneider safety switch
  • 21 different size cutter free
  • Import milling cutter for aluminum 3mm 10pcs ,6mm 10pcs
  • Voltage 220V 3phase 60HZ
  • Plywood case Package
  • Type3/Artcam software

Close-up Pictures:

3 heads spindles

Italy 4.5kw HSD Air Cooling Spindle
Top brand of the world. Spindle speed: 0-18000RPM

5.5kw delta inverter

5.5kw Delta Inverter
It can output 150% of rated torque at zero speed, and it can have “point to point” and relative distance control functions for position control.


DSP A11 Control System
DSP controller for cnc router,USB connect,can be use without computer. Suitable for 3 axis.

750w panasonic servo motor

Japan Panasonic Servo Motor & Driver
Imported from Japan.

mist cooling sparyer

Automatic Lubrication System

vacuum table

T-slot and Vacuum Table
Rigid vacuum table with grids and T-slots maximizes the vacuum hold-down and also enables you to clamp the workpiece in place.