• Self-lubricating, life-long maintenance-free Taiwan guide rail.
  • 7.5kw Changsheng water cooling spindle , top brand in China, guaranteeing maximum processing efficiency and productivity.
  • Like ELECNC-3050 EPS Styrofoam CNC Router, the working size can be increased according to your special requirements.
  • Divided structure ,Fixing with screws,the whole structure is tested to the limit for sturdiness and reliability. and this is also one of the typical features of EPS Styrofoam CNC Router.
  • With NK 105 controller, Hand wheel guide, breakpoint resume, tool selection process ,high precision,which is distinct from 1325 3D Foam Toys Engraving Machine with Press Roller.

The machine hes been widely used in these industry:

  • Die and mold industries: it engraves various large nonmetallic molds, especially for auto foam mold, wooden molds for ship,aviation and train. It is also suitable for precise manufacture of casting wooden mold, food mold (such as moon-cake mold) and other molds,etc.
  • Musical instrument industry: Engrave large 3D curved surface instruments and contour cutting.


  • Effective working area : 2000x3000x900mm
  • 7.5kw BT40 water cooling spindle
  • Taiwan DELTA inverter: 11kw
  • Japan YASKAWA servo driver 1.3KW
  • NK 105 control system 4 axis
  • Dust proof for X,Y; Taiwan HIWIN #35, 6 slider for Z; 4 pieces of Linear guide on Y axis
  • Taiwan TBI ball screw with high precision
  • Dust hood for axis,dust collect hood and pipe for dust collector
  • Divided structure ,Fixing with screws,heat treatment, Iron flat table
  • Japan Shimpo reducer

Close-up Pictures:

  • 7.5kw water cooling spindle
    7.5kw Water Cooling Spindle
    Water cooled spindle speed: 24000RPM, with low noise.
    The grinding process can improve the concentricity of the motor and prolong the service life.
  • styrofoam gantry
    Dust Cover For Rail Guide
    Taiwan HIWIN Linear square guide 35#.
  • styrofoam structure
    Heavy Duty Welded Frame
  • 11kw Delta inverter
    11kw Taiwan Delta Inverter
    It can output 150% of rated torque at zero speed, and it can have “point to point” and relative distance control functions for position control.
  • nk105 handle
    NK 105 Controller
    Separated design, protect control parsing module to the largest extent.
    Arc machining, faster and rounder.
  • bt40 tool holder
    BT40 Tool Holder
    The maximum diameter of the tool can be 32 mm.