Why this kind of machine is becoming more and more popular?

  • The machine is designed with 3 sets of HQD air cooling spindle, and the multi head can work one by one, so the machine can improve the working efficiency;
  • Heads amounts and working area can be changed according to your requests;
  • The machine is very suitable for the clients who have limited budget for auto tool change (ATC) cnc router.


  • 2000*3000*200mm working size
  • 6kw HQD air cooling spindle 3 heads
  • 7.5kw Fuling inverter
  • T slot &Vacuum table
  • Taiwan HIWIN Square Rail for X, Y, Z axis #20
  • stepper motor FL118 YAKO2811 driver
  • DSP control system
  • dust colleation brush, pipe and frame
  • Ucancam 2012 software
  • 8mm Heavy duty Body construction
  • 24 pieces router bits
  • 300mm rotary devic

Close-up Pictures:

6kw HQD-spindle-3pcs

6kw HQD Air Cooling Spindle *3
Spindle speed: 18000RPM. Selection of high quality stainless steel. High machining accuracy. Fan cooling


T-slot and Vacuum Working Table
Rigid vacuum table with grids and T-slots maximizes the vacuum hold-down and also enables you to clamp the workpiece in place.


Regular lines, protection of wires.

rotary device for cnc router

Rotary Device
It can engrave cylindrical object. The rotary device’s diameter, length and position can be customized according to your requests.


DSP A123 Control System
DSP A123 control system for pneumatic system 3 spindles cnc router with a rotary device.


Taiwan HINWIN Linear Rail
HG series linear guideway can achieve a long life with high speed, highly accurate and smooth linear motion.