Multi-head 4 axis CNC Router1



  • The normal frame is not easily deformed to ensure stability during high-speed operation, low inertia and no distortion. And these are typical features of multi-spindle CNC Routers.
  • Assembled with original HIWIN linear square guide rail and doubt-nuts anti-gap rod ball screw, and Germany made slanting rack,to ensure high accuracy, low noise and long life.
  • Adopting high-speed 2.2kw Changsheng water cooling spindle(top brand in China) with constant torque,high-performance drive motor to ensure the long time and stable working.
  • The rotary device’s diameter, length and position can be customized according to your requests.


  • Multi spindles can work one by one, which can improve the engraving efficiency.
  • The account of spindle and working area can be customized according your requirements.
  • Please notice that it is an economical processing machine.


The machine can be widely used for furniture( table legs, chair legs), stair handrails, sculptures, 3D relief and so on.


Working area 1300*2500*200mm
Spindle HSD spindle
Spindle rotating speed 24000RPM
Motor FL118 stepper motor
Driver YAKO stepper driver
Inverter  FULING inverter
Control system DSP A18
X,Y,Z axis Taiwan ball screw
Table surface  T-slot working table
Positioning accuracy ±0.02/mm
Re positioning accuracy ±0.01/mm
Max. engraving speed 6,000 mm/min
Max. motion speed 8,000 mm/min
Tools diameter ER20
Compatible software Type3,Ucancam,ArtCAM
Support software Windows98/2000/XP
Working supply 220/110 V, 50/60HZ
option vacuum table, dust collector, rotary device, mist sprayer, flume

Application: Furniture, wood craft, decorative products, signs, building models, metal, embossed pictures.

1325 Multi-head 4 axis CNC Router