DSP A11 2


  • DSP controller for cnc router,USB connect,can be use without computer
  • Suitable for 3 axis
  • Totally independent from PC platform;
  • Easily process G code or PLT file with super size;
  • Easy to update system program;
  • It supports high micro step which makes precise and fast process possible;
  • Support to process part of the file;
  • Reliable data protection and recover function.
DSP A15 2


  • Support cylinder stator multi-cutter control mode.
  • Indentify “T” order achieved the cutter automatic switching, support processing more cutters at the same time.
  • Define the amount of the cutters as customers’ requirements
  • Easy install and adjust
  • With simple processing definition, easy operate.
  • Automatic calculate cutters separation distance, ensure multiple cutters sharing the same work piece coordinate system.
DSP A18 control
  • Buid-in Memory: 512MB
  • Number of linkages axes: 1 to 4 axes
  • Power failure protection: Support Breakpoint processing function: Support
  • Drive System: Stepper/Servo
  • Data Transmission: U Disk, PC
  • Languages: Chinese, English, or other languages can be customized
  • Code Support: Standard G codes, M codes
  • File reading: NC/U00/PLT/DXF/MMG etc.



  • ATC system support straight line tool change
  • Automatic tool change process, rapid, accurate, safe.
  • “T” order recognize mode, support more numbers of tools.
  • Effective processing and Fast speed.
  • Support tool store lid, additional features such as dust-proof cover etc.
  • Adopt 32 input and 32 output transmission ports which are editable.
  • Support drive, frequency converter fault alarm.
DSP A123 1