This machine is easy to operate and has high production efficiency with the high automation. It is suitable for all kinds of imitation wood, imitation and other PVC masks. It is equipped with special hot-pressing glue to decorate all kinds of panel furniture, sound and decorative materials, especially suitable for surface embossing pattern. It is the ideal equipment for the home decoration industry.

  • High automation with the function of automatic digital display technology, simple operation and low failure rate.
  • Working table adopts special steel, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.
  • Infrared auxiliary heating system heating, imported insulation material with the advantages of  heating evenly and energy saving.
  • Adopting the current domestic vacuum pump with the stable performance and fast pumping speed.
  • With the high compatibility, one machine can be apply for PVC, veneer and transfer and others.


Description Parameter
Whole machine size  9700*1780*1400mm( customized)
Working desk size 2550*1300mm+2550*1150mm
Maxium processing height 60mm
Fixed work stress >=-0.095Mpa
Total power 21-30kw
Actual power consumption 6-8kw
Total weight 1.6T
Maxium temperature 185°

PS:All the working area and specifications can be customized according to your requests.

Close-up Pictures:

automatic vacuum press machine1

automatic vacuum press machine2

automatic vacuum press machine3

automatic vacuum press machine4