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EPS/Foam Material Carving and Cutting Processing Project Ideas

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Foam is also a common processing material for CNC foam cutter. The main engraving machine for this material is  foam CNC router. This type of engraving machine has a large processing stroke, fast processing speed and stable operation and it is ideal equipment to process foam.
The following are the specific application details of the CNC foam router in the mold industry
Car, locomotive, ship, aviation mold carving.
MDF, aluminum plate, wood substitution, paraffin, plaster and other molds.
Other industry molds such as electrical appliance molds, lighting molds, ceramic sanitary ware, three-dimensional curved surfaces for large musical instruments, instrument molds, home appliance molds, air-conditioning molds, automotive molds, automotive interior molds, automotive bumper molds, automotive instrument molds.

Application pictures of the Foam
Application videos for the Foam