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Acrylic cutting & Acrylic engraving projects

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  • Acrylic cutting & Acrylic engraving projects

    Acrylic, as a plastic polymer material, it involves many processing method such as acrylic cutting, acrylic engraving, acrylic marking and milling.

    At present, the acrylic cutting are mainly realized by laser machine or CNC router as the main CNC machines for the processing of acrylic products. And we will talk about the acrylic cutting and acrylic engraving projects made by our acrylic laser cutting machine(acrylic laser cutter) and CNC wood routers.

    The aluminum sheet processed by laser machine and CNC Router has high precision and owns beautiful patterns. It can provide shading and ventilation and also beautify buildings. Moreover, the hollow aluminum sheet can be 100% reusable, which is green and healthy.

    As we all know that Acrylic has many kinds of categories, and the thickness and material purity also varies differently. In consideration of the differences of acrylic material, customers need to choose suitable CNC machine to process acrylic with different sizes and specifications, to meet their requirements.

    The acrylic cutting made by the CNC machine have the features of high surface hardness and gloss, with ultra-thin, high brightness, uniform light guide, high luminous efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, durability, resistance to yellowing, and smooth edges.

    Acrylic cutting and Acrylic engraving are widely used in shop windows, advertising lamp boxes, signboards, handicrafts, direction boards and display racks. And people can also find its application in bathroom facilities, fluorescent lamps, and suspended ceilings, screens, decorative lighting and floor decorations.

  • Application pictures of the Acrylic cutting & Acrylic engraving projects
Application videos for the Acrylic cutting & Acrylic engraving projects