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Rubber is a kind of materials that we often use in industrial production and commercial activities. The raw materials of various stamps, official seals and rubber sheets mainly come from rubber.

In order to get a better effect, CNC Router plays an important role in rubber processing industry. CNC Router for Rubber refers to the machine that automatically engrave rubber materials. It contains the steps of computer software design, automatic signal transmission and cutting process. During the operation process, the machine cuts rubber material into different depths according to the design data. The engraving application software has a special rubber engraving mode. It will automatically set this option for users. The automatic process will significantly reduce the processing time and improve the efficiency. Using CNC Router, users can complete rubber processing within a few minutes. The machine saves time significantly and simplifies the production process.

In short, CNC Router has the functions of high efficiency, precision, automation, energy saving and environmental protection. The finished products of rubber own excellent printing resistance and high definition. It can not only make rubber official seals and rubber sheets, but also process EVA artificial rubber sheets, rubber signs, slippers, coasters, sculptures and other handicrafts. The application range is very wide, and this is an advanced technology with great development potential.

Application pictures of the Rubber