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  • Aluminum Composite Panel

    The aluminum composite panel, also ACP, is a composite material processed by dedicated equipment with a chemically-treated coated aluminum panel as the surface material and polyethylene plastic as the core material. The unique properties of the aluminum composite panel determine its wide range of uses. ACP can be used for building exterior walls, curtain wall panels, old building renovation, interior walls and ceilings, advertising signs, display stands, purification and dust-prevention projects.

    ACP has the following advantages:
    Economy: ACP has high productivity and low raw material costs compared with common metal panels.
    Durability: ACP can be coated with different coatings, which can improve its weather fastness.
    Flat surface: The ACP is produced by a continuous thermal compounding process with high surface flatness.
    Lightweight: ACP is a composite of aluminum and plastic material that has a small density. It is much lighter compared with the aluminum sheet with the same rigidity or thickness.

    Good machinability: It is easy to use a CNC router to process the ACP materials, for example, cutting, drilling, grooving, etc.
    Environmental friendly: The aluminum and plastic cores in the discarded ACP can be 100% recycled, and the environmental load is low.

    Our CNC router machine can realize cutting, grooving, sawing, drilling, and other processing on aluminum-plastic panels. Processing ACP with a CNC router has the features of excellent precision, fast speed, and good cutting quality. The ACP products can be directly used for internal and external wall decoration without subsequent processing.
  • Application pictures of the Aluminum Composite Panel
    aluminum composite panel samplealuminum composite panel samplealuminum composite panel samplealuminum composite panel samplealuminum composite panel samplealuminum composite panel sample
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