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Milling is one of the most commonly used machining methods in CNC milling machine machining, mainly including plane milling and contour milling, which can process and tap parts. And it is also suitable for CNC milling parts such as box and curved parts.
(1)Flat parts. These parts are characterized in that each machining surface is flat, or can be unrolled into a flat surface. At present, most parts processed on CNC milling machines are used for flat parts. Planar parts are the simplest type of CNC milling objects, and generally, they only need to use two-coordinate linkage (that is, two-axis and half-coordinate processing) of a three-dimensional CNC milling machine to process.
(2)Beveled parts. The part whose angle between the machining surface and the horizontal plane changes continuously is called a variable bevel-type part. It is best to use the four-coordinate or five-coordinate controlled wood milling machine swing angle machining for variable beveling parts. Without the above-mentioned machine tool, the two-axis semi-controlled line-cutting method can also be used for approximate machining on the three-coordinate controlled milling machine.
(3) Surface parts. Parts whose working surface is a space surface are called surface-type parts. The machining surface of curved surface parts and the milling cutter are always in point contact. Generally, three-dimensional CNC milling machines are used for this type of processing.

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