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This engraving method is mainly for the processing method adopted by the wood engraving machine. It is mainly reflected in the engraving of large-scale plates, including solid wood furniture carving, solid wood art mural carving, MDF paint-free door carving, kitchen window door carving, etc.
This engraving method is mainly reflected in the processing method of 4 axis CNC engraving machine and rotary axis engraving machine. This processing method is mainly used for engraving of cylinders such as hardwood, marble, white marble, etc. And it can also be used for processing of figure Buddha statues, various mythical beasts, seat legs, stair railings, dragon pillars, Roman column.
This wood engraving machine method is mainly reflected in the processing method of the laser machine. And main processing materials include, wood, leather, cloth, plastic, rubber version for printing, two-color plates, glass, synthetic crystal, horns, cardboard, MDF, marble, jade, etc.

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