Reasons for Abnormal Noise in the CNC Machine

Today I want to share you about some reasons for the noise of the CNC machine.

Reasons for Abnormal Noise in the CNC Machine

Users who have experience in computer CNC machine know that noise will be generated at the moment when the high-speed rotating cutter head and material contact. When the noise is greater than a certain decibel, it will be very harsh and affect the neighbors. In fact, when the machine is running, It is a normal thing to generate noise, but if you find that the CNC machine is not normal when it is being engraved, it is louder than usual. At this time, you need to pay attention. The CNC machine usually sends out due to a fault. Abnormal sound, then you need to check if your CNC machine has failed, and find that the problem must be dealt with in time, otherwise it will easily cause damage to the equipment. Especially the tool, it is easy to wear or break the knife.

If we hear that the cutting sound is very heavy or screaming during the use, it means that the machining state of the CNC machine tool is not normal, and a brief analysis can be performed at this time. If the quality problem of the tool itself is eliminated, the tool clamping problem, and the tool parameter problem, it should be judged that the tool is worn out, and it is necessary to suspend the machining and replace the tool. It is also possible to judge the wear condition of the tool by the movement state of the machine tool in the machining. If the machining parameters and the cutting amount are all reasonable, the machine tool vibration is large during the machining. At this time, it can be determined that the tool has reached a sharp wear state and the tool needs to be replaced.

There are generally several reasons for this:

Reasons for Abnormal Noise in the CNC Machine (2)

1. Abnormal noise is emitted during axial walking. This phenomenon is mostly caused by damage to the X-axis motor bearing or the X-axis guide rail is covered by dust and dust. It is necessary to clean and lubricate the oil, or the balls are worn and dropped.

Reasons for Abnormal Noise in the CNC Machine (1)

2. When the spindle motor is running, it will emit abnormal noise. This kind of noise indicates that the spindle bearing may have quality problems or the spindle bearing has reached the service life, or the quality is degraded or damaged after wear. In this case, consider replacing the bearing.

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