Our Russian Customer and Laser Marking Machine

Recently, one of our customers shared us some new samples. This customer came from Russia and he bought a set of laser marking machine and advertising machine from our factory several months ago. When the machine shipped to his hand, it started to its duty of working. After seeing image, do you wonder that what is Laser Marking Machine ?Our Russian Customer and Laser Marking Machine (2)(1)It’s name
Laser marking machine also can be called as laser marker, laser marker machine, laser mark machine, laser marking system, laser marking equipment, laser engraving machine, laser printing machine and some other. Maybe you have heard one or two before.

(2)Working principle
It is one of the typical machine of CNC, and computer numerical control is abbreviation of CNC. And this type machine adopts fiber or CO2 laser beams to leave permanent traces on 2D or 3D surfaces which including wood, leather, fabrics and metals and some other raw materials. And moving your eyes to the following picture, and this is processed by our machine.

Our Russian Customer and Laser Marking Machine (3)

(3) Characteristics
This type of machine has high speed, high precision and high quality, and it has been accepted by people in more and more countries. It has been used in many aspects of our daily lives. While, this is one of the main reasons why our customers choose this machine.

Our Russian Customer and Laser Marking Machine (1)

In the next time, we will share more works and crafts for you. And if you want to know more of our machines, welcome to contact us.