Rwanda Customer Come again! 4 Axis Woodworking Machinery

There are some new customer visit our factory and our office in those day. And the character of this article came from Rwanda to order a set of 4 axis wood working machinery from our factory. This was not the first time for them to visit our factory. As usual, our engineer and sales would be arranged for providing service and showing them around our factory. And this time is no exception. By the way, language is not the problem between our customer and our staff.

 Everything went very well. We showed them around for visiting our machines,which were designed in different colors and sizes. According to their own needs and requirements, they decided to order a set of 4 axis wood working machinery from us, and paid some deposit immediately. When the machine shipped to their home, samples or works will be shared with all of us.

Seeing is believing. And this is one reason for every visitor to our factory. So if you have the chance or time, welcome to visit us at any time.