Sample feedback from Peru customers

We are responsible for every machine we sell. Every machine sold by Blue Elephant will have a specialized after-sales staff to track the performance and status of the machine. Everything we do is to ensure that the machine can best meet the needs of our customers.

Below is a sample picture from our Peruvian customer. From the picture we can not only see that the customer can operate the machine completely and skillfully, and can flexibly process various patterns.


These samples are made by our ELECNC-1530 4 Axis 3D Wood Sculpture Machine.


This machine is a typical 4-axis CNC router, and is equipped with a separate rotating device in the center of the machine, so that the machine can process some cylindrical work pieces such as Roman columns, table legs, stair frames and so on. It is worth mentioning that the spindle of the machine itself can be swung 180 degrees left and right, so it is the best choice for you to handle some complex work pieces such as 3D or 4D objects. It is widely used in industrial manufacturing applications, architectural mill-work, education, exhibits/store fixtures, furniture, high volume cabinet production, nested based manufacturing, residential/commercial construction, three-dimensional pattern/molds, upholstered frames, advertising industry, die industry.

1. The rotary device can be designed and installed to your desired position according to your specific processing needs. Moreover, the diameter and length of the rotating device can be customized and can be disassembled during transportation.
2. The welded structure made of thick steel, making the whole machine have higher stability and processing precision.
3. Rigid vacuum table with grid and T-slot can maximize the vacuum pressing force, and the work piece can be fixed more firmly, and the machining accuracy is also guaranteed.
4. Adopt SYNTEC high-performance control system, separate keyboard control, color LCD display.
5. Imported parts such as HSD ATC spindle, Yaskawa inverter, Becker vacuum pump, Hiwin linear, Syntec control system, etc., ensure the machine has a long service life.

Please let us know your processing requirements. As a professional CNC router manufacturer, we are professional enough to provide you with the most suitable CNC engraving machine.