Some laser knowledge that you have to know(2)

Q: What are the requirements for water chiller?
A: The cooling effect of water-cooled equipment has strict requirements on water quality. It is recommended to use water such as purified water, deionizer water or distilled water. Water quality such as tap water or mineral water containing high metal ions or other minerals may not be used.

Q: What are the requirements for ambient humidity?
A: The machine tools and components of the fiber laser cutting machine are mostly made of metal and it cannot work in a humid environment. Excessive humidity can cause a series of equipment failures, such as rusting of the machine and no laser light, which will lead to machine equipment shut down and affect the processing progress.

Q: What are the requirements for the processing environment?
A:Generally speaking, the ground is relatively flat, and the level of the ground directly affects the precision and speed of the processing. Secondly, the processing area generally does not allow excessive dust.

Q: What are requirements for voltage?
A: As a high-end sheet metal processing equipment, the fiber laser cutting machine must have a stable electric voltage and current during processing to avoid unstable currents causing fiber laser cutting machine equipment failure and affecting service life.

Q: What are the requirements for the ventilation device?

A: During the processing of the metal laser cutting machine, the high temperature burning metal will generate a small amount of exhaust gas. In order to ensure the operator’s personal safety, there will be certain requirements for the ventilation device. Firstly, you need do the exhaust treatment. And then you should ensure full ventilation.

Q: The thinner the metal plate is, the better the fiber laser cutting machine is processed?
A: For fiber laser cutting machines, it is so easy to cut a sheet metal about 1 mm thickness. However, a thickness of 0.08 mm plate is not so simple. Although the cutting is easy to realize, in actual operation, since the sheet is too thin, the residual material is easy to lift and affect the cutting precision.

Q: How to effectively avoid radiation damage of fiber laser cutting machine ?
A: First, dress a laser goggles. And secondly, the staff can protect themselves from eating more radiation-resistant foods such as vitamins and protein-rich foods.