Recently, there have been a lot of false information on the Internet that fakes our company accounts. These criminals have stolen our company’s logo, machine pictures and news and other information to provide advertising, business consulting or product sales to our customers in the name of Blue Elephant. This kind of behavior seriously damages the interests of the company and our customers. In response, we make the following statement.

Blue Elephant Official Websites

Blue Elephant Official Contact Ways

Fax: +86-531-80981766

Tel: +86-531-80983066

Mobile / What’sapp / We chat: +86-150 6402 6772

Skype: elephantcnc

Email: [email protected]

Counterfeit accounts and contacts as below:

statement (1)

The above counterfeit account is not authorized and licensed by the Blue Elephant. Please pay attention to them, and beware of being cheated.

Finally, we will spare no effort to resolutely fight against counterfeit. And we firmly protect the legitimate rights and interests of our customers.


(The final interpretation of this statement belongs to Jinan Blue Elephant CNC Machinery Co., Ltd.)