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Blue Elephant Furniture CNC

Blue Elephant furniture CNC production line offers a wide range of furniture CNC machine used in the panel furniture production line for furniture makers, cabinet makers, custom furniture manufacturers, and other woodworkers from China, USA, Canada, Russia, South Africa, Australia, India, Bangladesh, UK, UAE, and other countries and regions.

Our furniture CNC machine covers nesting CNC, edge banding machine, vacuum press machine, polishing machine, side drilling machine, six-sided drilling machine, sliding table saw, computer beam saw, hinge drill, etc. All these furniture making machines can process hardwood, softwood, MDF, particleboard, plywood and other wood materials to produce tables, chairs, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, cupboards, shelves, beds, and other modern CNC furniture.

Read the following latest buyer’s guide to choose the most suitable furniture CNC equipment to develop your own furniture CNC projects, ideas, and plans.

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Smart Factory

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The smart factory refers to a high-efficiency, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and comfortable humanized factory. It integrates intelligent means and systems and other emerging technologies to realize fully automated furniture production line.So, the furniture CNC smart factory aims to integrate resources, improve product competitiveness, and reduce production costs. Blue Elephant provides multiple production lines for making cabinets, PVC doors, solid wooden doors, high-gloss cabinet doors, non-porous cabinets, etc. For example, the cabinet production line integrates nesting CNC machine, edge banding machine, and side drilling machine. The PVC door furniture production line combines CNC nesting machine, CNC wood sanding machine, and vacuum press machine. A cabinet door production line may include the computer beam saw, automatic edge banding machine and hinge drill machine. Besides, there are also other CNC machines for furniture making, such as sliding table saw, six-sided drilling machine, corner rounding machine, etc. Blue Elephant can combine all furniture CNC machines according to your needs to realize your furniture CNC projects.

Nesting CNC

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The nesting CNC machine is numerical control equipment specially designed for the production of panel furniture. In terms of processing functions, the furniture CNC nesting machine can cut, engrave, punch, drill, groove various wood materials. With the intelligent nesting CNC software, the nesting CNC router can automatically optimize the cutting layout, generate the effect map, and perform operations. For example, modify designs intuitively, and automatically generate various paths. Therefore, a wood nesting machine can save raw materials and improve sheet utilization significantly. The furniture CNC nesting machine is widely used in the furniture industry. For instance, making cabinet doors, wardrobe doors, solid wood doors, paint-free doors, solid wood composite doors, and suite doors. If you are a panel furniture maker, the nesting CNC machine is definitely one of your indispensable furniture CNC equipment.

Edge Banding Machine

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Edge banding furniture CNC machine is a kind of woodworking machinery, which plays the role of edge banding in the processing process of the furniture production line. Compared with the traditional manual edge banding machine, the CNC automatic edge banding machine is more straight, delicate, and smooth. Edge bander machines have the functions of gluing, edge banding, end cutting, rough trimming, fine trimming, rounding, scraping, and polishing. Edge banding machine can process medium density fiberboard, wood board, solid wood board, particleboard, polymer door board, plywood, etc. The furniture CNC edge banding machine has advantages of high automation, stable operation, reliability, durability, and moderate price. So, it is especially suitable for large and medium-sized furniture, cabinets, and other panel furniture manufacturers. Therefore, the edge bander furniture CNC machine is one of the important cabinet making machines , and also an ideal machine for the furniture production line.

Wood Drilling Machine

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A wood drilling machine realizes the punching, boring, drilling, and grooving in the furniture production process. The wood drilling machine can form various furniture production lines combined with other CNC machines for furniture making. Besides, the CNC drilling machine for wood can realize not only vertical drilling but also horizontal, side, and other multiple angle punching functions. The application of the furniture CNC drilling machine not only reduces users’ production cost but also improves production efficiency. Carpenters, cabinet makers, and other furniture manufacturers often use CNC woodworking drilling machines to produce cabinets, wardrobes, cupboards, fixtures, display racks, and other panel furniture. Our customers come from America, Asia, Europe, Oceania, Africa and other countries. The furniture CNC machine can realize the punching function. In other words, it includes CNC nesting machine with row drill, side hole drilling machine, and six-sided drilling machine. In addition, the drilling effect and drilling efficiency achieved by different drilling machines are quite different.

Sliding Table Saw

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Panel saw machine is a furniture CNC machine used to cut plywood, particleboard, fiberboard, MDF, solid wood, soft wood and other wooden boards in the panel furniture production. We provide two types of horizontal panel saw machine to meet the demands of small-sized and big-sized woodworking factories. A sliding table saw is also called sliding panel saw or precision panel saw. And it is a semi-automatic panel saw machine to cut various wooden boards. It can cut and make grooves at any angle (e.g. 22.5°, 45°, 90°) by adjusting the cutting angle of the saw blade. A computer beam saw, also known as panel sizing machine or panel dividing saw, is a smart furniture CNC wood cutting machine in the furniture production line. The computer beam saw makes the cutting work more efficient and precise.

Subsidiary Equipment

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The furniture CNC subsidiary equipment mainly refers to those machines that play a supplementary role in the furniture production line. And each machine has its own processing functions. For example, the hinge hole drilling machine can drill hinge holes for making cabinets quickly and precisely. The CNC polishing machine is used to comprehensively sand and polish the panels for making cabinet doors and doors. After polishing, the furniture CNC vacuum press machine can apply PVC film of various patterns on the panel surfaces. Besides, the rounding machine can round the panel corners to make them more smooth and safer. Although with different functions, these furniture CNC equipment has high degree of automation and high production efficiency. Each device cooperates with each other to meet user's individualization and diverse processing needs.

Furniture CNC Machine

The furniture CNC machine refers to the CNC machines or production line solutions to make wooden furniture. In other words, the furniture CNC machine can quickly process raw materials according to different processing demands. For example, the furniture CNC machine can be used for CNC cutting, nesting, drilling, punching, edge banding, filming, and other operations. 

Blue Elephant provides a wide range of furniture making machines for manufacturing various modern CNC furniture. The furniture CNC equipment includes the CNC nesting machine, vacuum press machine, edge banding machine, CNC drilling machine, and auxiliary equipment. These cabinet CNC machines aim to meet the individualized and diverse processing needs of furniture production. The furniture CNC machine can be used individually or combined into a line to make CNC chair, CNC desk, and other CNC wood furniture.

Types and features of classic furniture CNC machine

As we mentioned above, different types of cabinet CNC machines can complete distinct processes in furniture production. The furniture CNC machine mainly includes the following machine models according to their functions.

Furniture CNC machine for nesting — nesting CNC machine

The nesting CNC machine here refers to the CNC nesting machine or the nesting machining center for wood furniture making. This type of furniture CNC machine can be an individual nesting CNC router or be combined with other automatic devices. For example, automatic loading, unloading platforms, automatic labeling machine, etc. Some with a drilling head or aggregate head can also complete the vertical and horizontal drilling or grooving work simultaneously.

A furniture CNC nesting machine can integrate the auto labeling, loading, vertical drilling, grooving, cutting, milling, and auto unloading processes. It can realize automatic, intelligent, and informative production of custom panel furniture. The advanced order splitting nesting software helps the furniture CNC nesting machine optimize the cutting layout and generate corresponding processing data. Thus, it can significantly reduce the difficulty and error rate of custom furniture production and improve processing efficiency.

Features of the furniture CNC machine for nesting include:
  • Computerized system control of the nesting CNC machine largely replaces the traditional manual operation, saving labor and improving production efficiency.
  • The furniture CNC nesting machine cuts wooden panels by milling cutters which can change direction arbitrarily. It can cut panels in irregular shapes, which greatly improves the utilization rate of panels.
  • The operation of the furniture CNC machine for nesting is simple and easy to learn. With intelligent control, the nesting machine is not likely to make mistakes.
  • Ordinary workers can operate the nesting CNC router after simple training, which gets rid of enterprises' reliance on skilled employees and reduces labor costs to a certain extent.
  • Compared with the traditional machine, the furniture CNC nesting machine has faster speed, higher precision, and better cutting quality.
  • The wood nesting machine has a wide scope of application, and is suitable for batch production of various panel furniture.

Furniture CNC machine for banding — edge banding machine 

The edge banding machine or edge bander is a type of furniture CNC machine used to band straight or curved edges of wooden boards for CNC cabinet making. Because the quality of edge banding is a very important factor when customers choose cabinets. Good banding quality not only makes the cabinet more beautiful but also effectively reduces the release of formaldehyde. So the edge banding machine is an indispensable furniture CNC machine for CNC cabinet making.

Blue Elephant offers the manual edge banding machine and automatic edge banding furniture CNC machine for both regular and irregular edges. Basic functions of edge banding furniture CNC machine include gluing, banding, end cutting, fine and rough trimming, scraping, and polishing. In addition, high-end edge banding machines also have pre-milling, profile tracking, double scraping, double polishing, two gluepots, and other functions.

The automatic furniture CNC edge bander is suitable for massive banding of straight edges. For example, cabinet doors, office tables, drawers, nightstands, etc. While the curved and irregular edges are more suitable for edge banding using semi-auto edge banders.

Features of the furniture CNC edge banding machine:
  • The functional units of an automatic edge banding machine are clear and easy to repair. This helps operators understand and maintain each part of the edge banding furniture CNC machine easily.
  • Edge banding machines adopt high-performance imported motors, which reduces the working time and increases the efficiency of edging.
  • All accessories used in the automatic furniture CNC machine for edge banding are strictly controlled and polished. This ensures stable banding operation and good banding results.
  • It is simple and convenient to operate and set parameters on the large-sized high-resolution screen. The whole edge banding process is completed automatically, greatly reducing human labor.

Furniture CNC machine for sizing — panel saw machine

As the name supplies, this type of furniture CNC machine is used to size and cut wooden panels with saws. A panel saw machine can be divided into the horizontal panel saw and the vertical panel saw according to the machining mode. The vertical panel saw machine can save more space than a horizontal one. Blue Elephant mainly offers two types of horizontal panel saw machines.

The precision- sliding table saw is a type of semi-automatic furniture CNC machine for cutting panels. With furniture CNC technology development, the linear accuracy for cutting board with the sliding panel saw can reach 0.1mm and the angular accuracy is 0.1°.

The sliding panel saw cuts wooden boards with two saw blades, a big main saw blade, and a small auxiliary saw blade. In addition, the height and angle of the saw blades can be adjusted manually according to specific cutting demands. So except for cutting boards at 90°, the panel saw machine can also cut at inclined angles, such as 45°, and make grooves on the panel surface. Although it can cut panels fast and accurately, the sliding panel saw is still not efficient enough for mass production. Thus, we introduce you to the furniture CNC computer panel saw machine.

The computer panel saw machines are the upgraded furniture CNC machine for sawing and sizing wooden boards. It adopts advanced industrial computer control, which has an easy-to-operate man-machine interface. Besides, it is compatible and can be integrated with a variety of optimization software, barcode management software, and automation software. So, this furniture CNC machine can realize fast, efficient, precise, and massive cutting of wood boards. It is quite popular with the CNC wood furniture making manufacturers with a large production volume.

Furniture CNC machine for boring — CNC drilling machine

Boring or drilling is a necessary process in panel furniture production. Whether the drilling work is conducted properly has a direct influence on the production efficiency and cost. Therefore, the CNC drilling machine is an indispensable furniture CNC machine for wood panel furniture. The traditional wood drilling machine can no longer meet the production demands. Furthermore, a numerical controlled and flexible CNC drilling machine is what we need in the CNC furniture making industry.

Blue elephant mainly provides the side hole CNC drilling machine, hinge boring machine, and the six-sided CNC wood drilling machine.

The CNC side drilling machine is a type of furniture making machine designed for horizontal drilling of wooden boards. It can be equipped respectively with one head, two heads, and two heads with a saw blade. Their functions and applications have certain differences. But they all can complete the side drilling work effectively and accurately.

The six-sided drilling machine is an upgraded and more advanced wood drilling machine. It can complete the drilling work on six surfaces and the grooving work on upper and lower surfaces in one operation without turning the board over. Besides, it is simple to operate this six-sided drilling machine and has fewer requirements on the CNC skills. The six-sided drilling machine supports both forward-loading & forward-unloading and forward-loading & backward-unloading methods. Besides, it can be used separately or jointly with multiple units, which saves labor greatly.

A hinge boring machine is a simple cabinet CNC machine for making hinge holes. It has a simple structure and can be provided with one drilling head or two drilling heads. The hinge boring machine is quite simple to operate because it has merely one single function. It is a furniture making machine popular in small woodworking shops.

Supplementary furniture making machines 

These furniture making machines play a supplementary role in the CNC furniture making process. They often have one single function and are easy and simple to operate and learn. The supplementary machines mainly include the vacuum press machine, CNC polishing machine, corner rounding machine, and other cabinet CNC machines used in the furniture CNC manufacturing process.

The surface of the wooden boards is not flat. Especially after cutting and engraving, there may be burrs on the surface of the boards. This has a great impact on subsequent processes such as PVC filming and baking paint. So it is necessary for using a wood sanding machine to sand and polish the wooden board surfaces. The wood polishing machine adopts an advanced human-machine interface with a digital display, which is easy to operate. It also uses an imported inverter to ensure reliable and sensitive operation. What’s more, the protective cover of the wood sanding machine guarantees the safety of both operators and machinery.

The vacuum press machine is a furniture CNC machine specially designed for PVC door and cabinet door making. It is used to press various PVC films on wooden panels under thermal and vacuum conditions. The vacuum press machine has two movable worktables, which are driven by motors to automatically load and unload the workpieces. Its worktables are made of high-strength steel plates which is unlikely to deform under a high-temperature environment.

The corner rounding machine is a small furniture CNC machine for rounding the sharp corners of wooden panels. This makes the panels more smooth and safer.

Production line solutions

Customers can buy all the above furniture making machines individually or in a combined way. Individual woodworkers or small factories can buy one or two CNC machines based on their specific and urgent needs. While for CNC wood furniture factories with large production volumes and enough budget, automatic production lines are the best choice. There are several production lines to choose from. For instance, CNC cabinet production line, cabinet door production line, and other furniture CNC connection lines. We can also design a production line according to your factory size and major businesses. Blue Elephant cabinet CNC machines have rigid and stable structures and high-quality components. They can be a giant help in your automatic furniture CNC manufacturing business.

How much does a furniture CNC machine cost?

Blue Elephant provides multiple models of furniture making machines. And each of them also has several models and specifications. The furniture CNC machine price is based on largely the specific machine specifications. So please consult with us for the price of the specific furniture making machine.
Machine types Major function Price range 
Nesting CNC machine Cut wood boards in an optimized manner $10,000 - $40,000
Edge banding machine Band straight and curved edges $3,000 - $30,000
Panel saw machine Cut wood boards with high efficiency $2,000 - $30,000
CNC drilling machine Drill horizontal and vertical holes for various purposes $3,000 - $30,000
Other furniture making machines Apply PVC film on doors and cabinet doors
Polish and sand boards
Corner rounding
$600 - $8,000
Note: All the price ranges in the above table are for reference only.

Why choose our furniture CNC machine?

  1. Intelligent furniture CNC software can design and optimize the working path, locate work position, and carry out operations quickly and accurately. And the utilization rate of the board is increased by 40% without manual intervention.
  2. The CNC furniture making machine has a user-friendly control interface and is easy to operate. You don't need a long period of experience or many skills to operate. Besides, you will always learn new technical and CNC knowledge to improve your production and quality.
  3. Furniture making machine can make replicated products thousands of times. Furniture CNC machine connection lines are quite suitable for mass production with high consistency.
  4. Investing in furniture CNC machine can help you save labor costs. You can finish high-quality and precise work with few workers.
  5. We have complete furniture CNC product ranges, and one-stop shopping can meet your diverse production needs.
  6. Automatic loading and unloading, dust removal, and positioning systems greatly improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.
  7. CNC software allows you to stimulate your CNC table designs and other CNC furniture plans. So you don't need to spend time and money to produce a prototype. This could save you weeks of production time when making a CNC desk or CNC chair.

Precautions when buying a furniture CNC machine

There are many furniture CNC machine manufacturers in the market. They offer different models and specifications of furniture making machines. So what should you pay attention to when buying a furniture CNC machine?

1. Identify your processing needs.

This helps you determine the type of furniture CNC machine you want to buy. For instance, if you need to cut boards, you might consider a nesting CNC machine or panel saw. When you need banding panels, please search for edge banding machines directly. If you want to start a small furniture factory, you can purchase multiple cabinet CNC machines to form a small production line according to your own needs.

2. Find a reliable or well-known furniture CNC machine manufacturer.

Small CNC machine manufacturers have the potential to save production costs by using low-quality parts. Also, their after-sales service may also be imperfect. On the contrary, large or well-known furniture making machine manufacturers pay more attention to product quality and after-sales service to retain customers and maintain goodwill. So, choosing a reliable or reputable manufacturer is likely to save you a lot of trouble.

Many CNC machine manufacturers, such as Blue Elephant, offer a wide range of furniture-making machines, as well as complete line solutions. Blue Elephant has been committed to the production of furniture making machines for over 12 years. Besides, our products are sold to 180 countries and regions. Our machines have a good reputation and after-sales service around the world. You can buy all the CNC machines you need to start a panel furniture factory from Blue Elephant.

3. Confirm the specifications of the CNC machine for furniture.

This step is very important for your future processing. When you've decided which wood furniture machine to buy, carefully check the machine's specifications with the manufacturer. For example, worktable area, power, machining accuracy, repeated accuracy, running speed, control system, additional functions, etc. Make sure that the wood furniture machine you choose can best meet your processing needs.

4. Don't blindly pursue low prices.

We often say you get what you pay for. The low price is most likely at the expense of machine quality or service. So don't blindly pursue low prices. Speaking of service, many CNC machine manufacturers do not provide after-sales services and ignore customers’ questions after the machine is sold. This has caused great distress and even loss to customers. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate the manufacturer's after-sales service and customer evaluation through various channels before purchasing a furniture CNC machine.

What furniture CNC machine is needed to start a furniture factory?

With the popularity of whole-house custom furniture, the panel furniture industry has also ushered in an unprecedented peak demand period. Many people who are engaged in furniture-related industries also want to open a panel furniture factory. However, opening a panel furniture factory is not simple. You need to consider many factors, such as factory buildings, environmental protection, furniture CNC machine, and labor. The following will focus on what furniture CNC machine is needed to open a small panel furniture factory.

To make cabinet body

To make only cabinet body, you may need the CNC cutting machine, edge banding machine, side drilling machine, etc. In addition, you may also need auxiliary machines, like the air compressor, hinge boring machine, etc. Generally, an economical panel production line with a CNC nesting machine and a side drilling machine could cost around USD35,000. But the price will go higher if you use high-end furniture making machines, such as the six-sided drilling machine.

To make only cabinet doors or room doors

If you make cabinet doors or room doors, you need major CNC machines such as the nesting CNC machining center, wood sanding machine, and vacuum press machine. In addition, the hinge boring machine and door lock hole making machine may be also required to make various connection holes. Generally, the price of an economical production line for cabinet door making is about USD30,000. But the price of more high-end production lines is higher.

To produce both cabinet body and doors

All the above-mentioned cabinet CNC machines are needed to make cabinet body and doors. That means you need the nesting machine, edge bander, CNC drilling machine, wood sanding machine, vacuum press machine, and other supplementary furniture making machines. The whole furniture production line may cost you about USD60,000. Of course, we have both economical and high-end production solution lines to meet the requirements of small and big furniture makers.

Development trend of the furniture CNC machine

The most important feature of the furniture CNC machine is to add "eyes" and "ears" to the CNC machine for furniture. This allows furniture making machines to identify the related programming, understand the corresponding instructions, and complete the manufacturing automatically.

The implementation of CNC furniture making technology is multi-faceted. It is based on both the CNC control software and the corresponding command database. Besides, it also requires the support of furniture CNC machine. With the computer-based input and output process, CNC furniture making machines completely change the manual processing and make furniture manufacturing more high-end, accurate, and rapid.

The development trend of the furniture CNC machine follows the patterns from simple to complex and semi-automatic to fully automatic.

1. From manual and semi-automatic control to computer numerical control

Traditional CNC machine for furniture focuses on the implementation of multiple functions in a single machine. But due to its high cost, it doesn't fundamentally change the mode of CNC furniture making. Besides, the initial furniture CNC machine requires manual editing of the code, so the production efficiency is increased very much.

However, the upgrade of digital reading technology, together with the addition of CNC software, makes the furniture making machines more application-oriented. The factories can realize large-volume production with few workers.

2.From a single machine to machine connection lines

More and more furniture making machines have achieved computer numerical control. Thus it makes the furniture making from the fixed CNC processing to gradually realize the "through" processing. This sets a good foundation for the emergence of the production lines.

Automatic production lines or connection lines are the hottest topics in the modern CNC furniture making industry. The concepts of "no part is put on the ground during the processing" and "high-speed cycle operation" become realities in furniture manufacturing. This significantly improves work efficiency.

3.From partial connection to intelligent and full connection

Partial connection lines have been the norm for some furniture manufacturing companies. So they now endeavor to realize the connection of more furniture making machines and fully automatic production. The furniture CNC machine itself also becomes more and more functional and automated.

To learn more about furniture making machine, you can contact us online or by email.