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Korean Customer Checked the Machine and then Received the Machine

2017-07-06T17:01:20+00:00 July 6th, 2017|Categories: Client news|Tags: , , |

On June 24, the Korean customer and his translator came to our factory to check his scheduled 6090 woodworking machine. This machine uses the MACH3 control system, and he learned how to use it at the factory. Very happy day, and finally we took a picture in front of a machine. On June 30, we [...]

After Exported to Denmark, ELE6090 Desktop Cnc Router’s Using and Testing

2017-07-06T17:02:17+00:00 July 2nd, 2017|Categories: Client news|Tags: , |

Last month, our Danish customer received our CNC machine. It's ELE6090 Destop Cnc Router. This video was taken by the customer while the machine is being used before debugging the machine.   Contact us: Email: Skype: elephantcnc WhatsApp/Mobile: 0086-15064026772 Web:  

Customer from Canada Visited our Factory

Canadian customers came to visit the factory on June 28. And took pictures with our sales staff and our cnc machine. This machine is our 1530 Pneumatic system 3 spindles cnc router with rotary device. It adopts SYNTEC 6MB control system, Japan YASKAWA 850W servo motor and drivers, Italy HSD 4.5KW ATC air cooling spindle, and so [...]

Japanese Customers Visited the Factory and Operateed the 1530 ATC CNC Router

Two customers from Japan came to visit our factory on June. They preferred the machine for automatic tool changer. They communicated with our engineer in detail, and learned how to use that machine. This machine is our ELE1530 Carousel Automatic Tool Changer CNC Router. Our official picture is as followed: Finally we took a photo together with [...]

Four Customers from India Visited the Factory on June 5th.

2017-06-13T16:05:24+00:00 June 7th, 2017|Categories: Client news|Tags: , |

On June 5th, four customers from India visited our factory. Jinan's high temperature can not resist the enthusiasm of customers, they were demanding the quality of the machine, every detail was carefully reviewed, and communicated with our engineers. In addition to the quality of the machine, they were most concerned about the machine's processing speed and accuracy. Through [...]

New Machine Bulid, and a Client from England Learned to Operate this Cnc Machine

Today, a client from England came to our factory.   Our factory had just bulit a new cnc machine which model is 1530. the official picture is: The customer also liked the machine and he worked with our engineers to complete the machine commissioning. And he learned how to use DSP A11 handle to control [...]

Maintenance of Lubrication Systems for Wood Cnc Machines — From Blue Elephant Cnc

2017-05-26T16:36:31+00:00 May 26th, 2017|Categories: Technical answer|Tags: , , |

  Manual lubrication pump:   Auto lubrication pump: Attention: Oli: Normal Engine oil Lubricating oil 32#-68# Before first use the machine,we need let the slider and the ball screw get oil . After first use ,we need every day press the Manual lubrication pump once before start work .   Contact us: Email: Skype: [...]

Client from the Mediterranean Region Studied Cnc Router in the Factory

This client has bought two sets cnc routers in our company before. After the machine was received, he came to our factory to learn the operation method of the machine. This cnc machine in the picture is 1325-4 wood cnc router with rotary device. And it adopts Italy HSD air cooling spindle. The material of [...]

Our ATC Cnc Router is Working in Georgian Client’s factory — Video Taken by the Client

2017-05-12T14:47:59+00:00 May 12th, 2017|Categories: Product News|Tags: , , |

A Georgian client has received our machine, and he has taken a engraving plastic plates video: Client's operation is very skilled on this DSP A57 operating system. This sample is processed by the client, the material is PC or PE plastic plate.   It's a economical ATC woodworking machine with 4 slots position. [...]

An Engineer and His Boss Came to See the Cnc Routers in Our Factory

  Yesterday, an engineer and his boss came to see the cnc routers in our factory. The hometown of one of them is France, and the other is Algeria.   At first, they watched the working processing of the ELE1325 Pneumatic System 3 Spindles Cnc Router. And our engineer explained how to use the DSP [...]