New Machine Build — 1530 ATC 4 Axis Cnc Router

Here are some advantages of this machine: --Taiwan Syntec 6MB control system, humankind operation --Italy 9kw HSD ATC air cooling spindle, best brand in the world --Rotary device, for making cylinder products --Japan YASKAWA 850w servo motor and 1000w servo driver, powerful and with high speed

Intro of SIEMENS 808D Control System of Cnc Routers

This post will introduce you some knowledge of cnc router control system, it is SIEMENS 808D Control System. To assign, for example, tool radius and tool length compensations...

US Customer Visiting and Checking performance of our CNC routers

He visited our factory and our technical staff trained the customer systematically and worked on an pneumatic system 3 spindle cnc router. At the end, he decided to make the same cnc router.

New Machine Build — ELE 2050 Carousel ATC 4 Axis Cnc Router

Today, we build a new cnc router --- ELE 2050 Carousel ATC 4 Axis Cnc Router --- which is a large and advanced machine. Here are some features of this machine: Air cooling spindle—-9 KW Italy HSD atc air cooling spindle.Well-known brands ,long working life,low noise,strong cutting ability to ensure the long time working. Taiwan SYNTEC [...]

CO2 Laser Machine Cut not the Real or Design Distance — Blue Elephant Cnc Laser Cutting Machine

Open the RDworks software . User -- read parameter. Then do like this . vendor setting. password: rd8888 1 Graph length(mm): you design length. 2 Measuring length(mm): the real distance. After cut, you measured the real distance is 498*498 Then do not forget to write the parameter change to the machine memory .like the picture show. here the example for x axis, y / z the same steps to change.

Australian engineer watched woodworking machine with rotary device

an Australian engineer came to see his woodworking machine in our factory, his machine equiped with a rotary device. He had a pleasant conversation with our technical staff for a long time, watched the working process of a 1325 woodworking machine...

Three Customers Visited Our Factory

On Jan 23rd, three West Asian customers came to see their machines which we made. And learned how to operate the DSP control system. Very happy to be able to cooperate with each other, our company will be worthy of your trust from around the world. Contact us: Skype: elephantcnc WhatsApp/Mobile: [...]